No matter where you live on this planet, content surrounds you almost every second and you can get it from different media. Content can guarantee your success. The needs and tools used evolve so quickly that it is natural to have the pulse of the latest trends and innovations; That is why, in this article, we want to provide you with a list of content marketing trends that you should consider in your content marketing strategy. If you’re a marketer, chances are you know how important content marketing can be to your business, and depending on your goals, there are ongoing and emerging trends in content marketing that can modify your approach.

Create interactive content

62% of marketers use interactive content, and if done right, this content will be exposed to a lot of visitors. Interactive videos have attracted a lot of attention from marketers since their arrival, as this form of content allows users to feel like they are the decision-makers.

Create personalized content

Personalizing content and creating unique content is one of the factors of success that is known as one of the content marketing trends. According to experts, research and finding your original voice are the two most inspiring drivers for your business. To be unique, you need to go beyond the algorithm your competitors are using. Conducting various surveys, interviewing customers, and compiling buyer personas are among the factors that can be effective in the success of your business; Also, sharing your success stories with your audience and the studies you do can be one of the ways to generate personalized content.

Content production based on audience needs

The needs of your audience are always changing; For this reason, knowing them can help in formulating the right strategy for your business. In this section, content optimization can be an efficient solution. It is better to focus on long-tail keywords when optimizing content and try to choose the right tone when ordering content. The point that will affect your success is to pay attention to the fact that these methods should always be part of your plans.

Understanding the audience for content creation

Content production is done for the audience, that’s why it is very important to fully understand the needs of the audience and know them correctly. In B2B industries, strategies are often set based on customer needs, and content managers put themselves in the customers’ shoes. Based on research, fully understanding the needs of the audience and creating a sense of empathy with their situation can increase the conversion rate.

Look at content as a revenue driver

According to surveys, 91% of companies achieved some degree of success with content marketing in 2021, which indicates that content marketing is growing. Companies not only budget heavily for content marketing but see it as a revenue driver worth investing in. In the following, we will get to know some tips for content creation that can help you save your budget. These techniques include:

  • Start by developing a content strategy. By using Content Strategy, you can have the necessary information about the content you are going to publish in the future. A content strategy helps you organize your metrics and goals for future content by analyzing the performance of existing content and its impact on generating organic traffic.
  • Review of important indicators. Once you’ve set your high-level goals, consider the specific metrics you’ll use to track the performance of each type of content.
  • The amount of interaction, organic traffic, conversions, leads, etc. are among the parameters that should be examined after content creation.
  • Note that all the content you produce is not only used for conversions or sales but also other metrics such as traffic and leads that increase the interaction between you and your audience.
  • Content optimization. It is better to review any content you publish several times. In addition to getting top rankings in Google search engines, this can show the value you place on your audience.

Focus on click-through rate

As we mentioned above, measuring and evaluating the content after writing it is one of the most important things that must be done, otherwise, we will not notice the performance of our content. When formulating a strategy for content production, you should pay attention to the fact that one of the criteria for measuring the performance of the content you produce is the CTR rate or the click rate, because this parameter shows how attractive the published content was to your audience. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you will need to improve your CTR.

  • Reuse content in other media. This means that if you share the content you publish on your site in other media such as Instagram, YouTube, etc., Google search engines will check this issue and this can be effective in increasing your click rate.

Answers to possible questions of users. To write content that will help increase your click-through rate, it is better to write content about topics that meet the needs of your target users; For example, the answer to the question of what the population of a certain country may not seem attractive to users, but if you answer the same question with the question of what is the history of a certain country, it can be an interesting topic for audiences who are interested in history. . In this case, designing the audience persona can help you choose different topics for the articles you publish on the sites. By designing your target audience and the questions that may arise in their minds, you can write an article that meets the needs of your audience.

Making short video content

According to surveys conducted, 41% of respondents named video content production as a marketing tactic that has made their content strategy successful. Additionally, most people tend to use video content to grow their audience. Making interesting Instagram stories, TikTok videos, and numerous platforms that exist for producing short videos are becoming more popular day by day, which has led most marketers to seek to produce short but attractive video content. Among the questions and concerns that will be raised in this field, the cost of video content production will involve the minds of many people, for this reason, in this section, we want to examine the ideas that can be used with the least For a fee, you can produce short but engaging videos. Some of these ideas are:

  • Frequently Asked Questions or FAQS: Answering frequently asked questions by users can be a good choice for making short videos.
  • Video advertising: If you work with influencers, partnering with them on a video advertising strategy can be very effective in both building trust and gaining attention.
  • Testimonials: Another way that can help attract an audience is to invite your customers to send you their testimonials in video formats.

Don’t forget the content audit

75% of companies conduct a full content audit every year, and 65% of successful content marketing companies conduct content audits at least twice a year. By finding out what content performs best, you can make an informed choice. When content marketing teams conduct more content audits, you will see stronger results for your business. In general, some parameters indicate that your content needs updating.

Some of these parameters are:

  • Outdated content
  • Fluctuations in content ranking
  • Re-amplification of content when ranking and traffic decrease

According to the surveys conducted on, most users have experienced an increase in traffic and interaction rates on their site after updating the content. So aim for at least two content audits per year. (If you have problems opening the Semrush site, log in with a filter breaker).

Using tools and data to measure content

Depending on what industry you are in, it is likely that you will publish several articles every week and other brands will consider you as a competitor; For this reason, using tools to identify opportunities, plan, implement, and automate your content marketing strategy can help you achieve better results. As many content managers seek to streamline repetitive processes in their industry, various tools will help you optimize your content to increase user engagement.

Producing long content

Google search engines value long content more than short content. The reason for this is that generally writing long content requires a lot of research and can better respond to the needs of users; Also, if your goal of creating content is to increase the click rate for a specific word, you can repeat the desired word better by creating long content.

Production of audio content

People living in the United States will listen to nearly 15 billion hours of podcasts in 2021, which shows people’s growing interest in audio content. Production of audio content makes your audience listen to your content in any situation and communicate with us. If there’s a clear demand for audio content in your industry, it’s best to act as soon as possible. An important advantage of producing audio content is that it can have a greater impact on your audience.

Use of virtual reality

Considering that augmented reality and virtual reality enhance the user experience, for this reason, many industries are looking to use augmented or virtual reality in their content marketing. AR or VR, known as augmented reality and virtual reality, respectively, can be very useful for many industries; For example, if your business is selling sofas, the best content that can be useful to your users is to let users see a virtual representation of how the sofas would look in their living room. Note that if you do not have enough budget to use virtual reality, it is better to use other content marketing trends.

Content optimization for mobile

Because most of the searches are done through mobile phones, for this reason, content optimization for mobile is considered one of the content marketing trends, and it is one of the most important things you should do when designing a website in Karaj. Optimizing content for mobile phones is one of the important strategies in content marketing that can help increase your visits and click rates.

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