What are the most in-demand jobs in the field of design? Is there a job in high demand that makes people go and learn graphic design and enter the design market? Or in this job market, is it difficult for graphic designers to find a job with a really decent and good income?

These questions are the concern of many people who studied or want to study graphic design or who are basically interested in the field of digital arts. Some may have heard that the job market of user interface design (UI Design) and user experience (UX Design) is very hot. Although they know nothing about this field, they are tempted to learn and try their luck.

In choosing any job and profession, interest is part of the work and the real needs of the labor market are another part. In addition, the discussion of salary and income and career future is also important. The reason for writing what you are reading is to answer the questions and concerns that were mentioned.

Demanding jobs in the field of design

First of all, I must say that in the world, jobs in the field of design are very demanding and will remain in demand. Why? Because we live in the reign of user experience and product design. The secret of business survival is good product design. Every product (good or service) needs design. Don’t think that only digital products, sites or applications need design.

On the other hand, with the advancement of technology and design software, 3D design and animation found wide applications. In addition to the wide use of animations in the cinema and television industry and advertising, 3D design is even taking the place of product photography. Therefore, whether you are interested in the field of design and have a related education, or you have not yet decided whether you want to enter this field or not; the market of the world wants jobs in the field of design.

Let’s go to the introduction of the most demanding jobs! I just have to say something before that. I wrote the average earnings of each job based on glassdoor data. It is clear that the income of each designer may be much more than these numbers according to his experience, skills and the number of projects he has.

1. Product Designer

The product designer has various tasks. Based on what kind of product he is designing, his skills are different. Of course, the designer of any product must be able to identify and solve product problems in the early stages of design and production. If he is a digital product designer, he must be familiar with user interface design and user experience. Any business that directly designs and produces something for people’s consumption, basically needs a product designer. Startups in the field of technology, large companies that design and manufacture software and applications, large companies that produce various products, automobile companies, and food industries are among the businesses in which product designers are employed.

Although the principles of product design must be followed in the design of any product, product design may be a specialized job. That is, the designer of electric cars is different from the designer of websites and applications. Therefore, the income of product designers is also different. The way for the career development of these designers is open because experienced and skilled designers can also think about product management. On average, the annual income of product designers in the United States is $105,000 (i.e. $8,750 per month).

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can work in almost any field, industry and business. Graphic designs for advertising agencies, product packaging design, logo and poster design, and book and magazine covers, and visual element designs inside a site, etc., are part of the work that a graphic designer can do for a business either officially or as a freelancer. Graphic design is usually not a specialized job. Of course, the career path for graphic designers is open. Because they have basic design knowledge. So they can become product designers or animation designers by learning the necessary skills. The average annual income of a graphic designer in the United States is close to $50,000 ($4,000 per month).

3. UI Designer

We come to a job that is specific to digital goods. It means sites, apps, computer games and software that need user interface design. Therefore, this designer is needed from large companies in the field of technology and technology to small startups. The UI designer is responsible for making sure that the user can easily interact with the site or app, move around and find the things they want. Designing site menus, buttons, and forms are all tasks that this designer must do. The average monthly salary of a user interface designer in the United States is close to $8,000.

4. User Experience Designer (UX Designer)

First of all, this misconception should be corrected that a product designer is the same as a user experience designer and that these are job titles. No! Product designer and ux designer are different. Of course, they have similar duties. Because both must design a functional product for the user/consumer. But the ux designer must make sure that the experience that the users/consumers have of working and interacting with the product is completely satisfactory. These two designers must work together to produce the best product. Certainly, companies and startups in the field of technology, software and app and mobile manufacturers, as well as laptop manufacturers also need a user experience designer. The average monthly salary of these designers in the United States is $7,500.

5. Motion Graphics Designer and Animation Designer

Motion design and animation are two very demanding job titles. These two designers can easily find work in advertising agencies and the cinema industry. In addition, motion designs are also used in websites and apps. Wherever you see a motion design, know that a motion design designer made it. The work of the animation designer is more difficult and complicated. Because he designs and makes animation. That is, it creates character and story. The average monthly salary of these two designers is almost the same, 7 thousand dollars per month.

6. Digital Designer

While graphic design focuses mostly on static designs, digital design involves movement, such as animation, interactive pages, and 2D or 3D modeling. Digital designers create images and elements that will end up on a screen, whether that’s a computer screen, a phone screen, or any other digital formats. The design may also include audio and sound effects to complement the visuals.

It can be said that this designer works as a graphic designer, motion design and 3D design together. From the definition of this job, it is clear that these designers are needed in digital businesses and advertising agencies, and certainly in cinema. And according to the skills that this designer must have, the way for his career development is very smooth. The average monthly salary of digital designers is 7 thousand dollars.


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