6 ways to make money from YouTube! Since its launch in 2005, the YouTube network has become a modern media source. Currently, YouTube delivers videos to a billion subscribers with more than 2,400 channels. According to Alexa ranking, this program was bought by Google in 2016 and now it is ranked second in the world and domestic web traffic.

YouTube has become one of the social networks that has earned a lot of income for its users, from a few dollars to several million dollars, why and how? In this article, we will talk about YouTube and what YouTube is.

YouTube is a free website or service for sharing videos and watching online. YouTube was launched in 2005 and is now one of the most visited sites with six billion hours of video every month. In other words, YouTube is a new place to discover, learn, and be entertained. YouTube is one of the most popular and largest channels that you can use in digital marketing.

YouTube is the largest video-sharing site in the world and no other platform can even come close. YouTube has more than 2 billion viewers and its videos are viewed more than 5 billion times a day. You can find almost any audience you can imagine on YouTube, which means all businesses can find unique ways to benefit from the platform.

Now there are one billion users on YouTube and videos with topics such as Hollywood movies and movie music, commercials, amateur movies, documentaries educational movies, etc. are uploaded to it. In this service, you can like. , uploading, messaging, publishing and watching videos, following other channels and users, it is possible to create a list to categorize videos. You can see two categories of videos on YouTube:

  • First, the videos that channel owners make and upload to YouTube;
  • Second, users who view videos and republish them;

In this article, stay with us to learn about YouTube rules, YouTube to make money, YouTube copyright rules and YouTube settings, what is a YouTube channel and how to start it, what is a YouTube network, what is a YouTuber, rules for uploading videos on YouTube. Get to know a lot more.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world after Facebook. It was founded in 2005 by three colleagues who worked at Paypal. Before that, its founders had the successful experience of Flicker, and YouTube came out with a more complete platform. Most of the videos uploaded on YouTube are by ordinary people, and media such as CBS and BBC are among its most popular channels.

The importance of business development on YouTube

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become a modern media source. Currently, YouTube has more than 2,400 channels with over 1 billion subscribers. According to Alexa ranking, this program was bought by Google in 2016 and now it is ranked second in the world and domestic web traffic.

Marketing with video content is worth a lot of investment, which makes YouTube a key factor. The YouTube video platform has a close link with Google, which seems to be a social and influential platform for marketing and business. Therefore, it will be very important to study and study the advantages and trends of online video content marketing. Creating and producing video content on YouTube is a unique way to strengthen and credit online businesses. To have an online business and develop it and operate on YouTube, the first step is to download YouTube. After downloading and installing YouTube, you must learn how to create a user account and develop your business.

What is a YouTube channel?

You only need a Gmail to subscribe to YouTube. After creating an account, you can turn it into a channel to earn money. When you become a YouTube member, the platform assigns you a personal channel.

This channel has sections designed to include a short personal description, thumbnails of videos you’ve uploaded, members whose channels you’ve subscribed to, videos from other YouTubers you’ve favorited, display lists of members who are your friends, and a section for other people to comment on your channel.

You can view another person’s channel by clicking on their username. In this section, you can see all the videos of the said YouTuber along with the videos that he has chosen as his favorite videos. You can also see whose channels this person subscribes to. Personal channels allow you to browse YouTube as a social network instead of just a simple video database. You can find users who like different types of videos and find out what they are watching.

Now let’s see together how to activate YouTube in this field. When you create your account, your channel is like a digital desert, all fields are empty. Fortunately, YouTube has made it very easy to turn your channel into an attractive virtual destination. After filling out your profile information, you can set the color scheme of your channel. You can use YouTube’s suggested color patterns for this or create your color pattern using hexadecimal color values.

Using a simple menu, you can change the composition of your channel. You can choose which sections are visible and which sections are hidden, you can decide whether these sections are on the left or right side of the web page. These options allow you to create a unique channel.

Once you’ve set up your channel, it’s time to fill in the blanks. Scroll through the site and choose the videos you like. You can view the videos and add them to the Favorites section of your channel by clicking Favorite. You can subscribe to the account that uploaded the video to see his next videos. A screenshot of the last video of the mentioned person will be displayed in the Subscription section of your channel. When you upload a video, it will appear in the top right of your channel (unless you’ve changed the page layout.) As you upload more videos, you’ll fill out the Videos section of your channel, and the latest clip is located at the top right of your profile.

Learning how to work with YouTube

The YouTube network helps us to earn money and develop it. If you’re new to YouTube, don’t worry, it’s easy to work with. You must have an account to view videos and upload them. New YouTube rules: One of the conditions of activity on YouTube is to comply with the general rules (suitability of content with advertising policies) and refrain from publishing inappropriate and offensive content, drug promotion, copyright content of other networks, and racist content. If the nature of the channel is business and the advertising content in some videos is not respected, your channel will be blocked.

Recently, YouTube has separated the content produced for children from the content produced by adults and is very strict in the field of children’s content and does not show ads as usual and you will get a low income from it. So be careful not to check the content for children in the settings.

One of the most common video content is a short film that shows your products and services on a web page. Other video content includes blog videos, video interviews, feature videos, product launch videos, product review videos, how-to videos, live streaming videos, and promotional videos. YouTube introduces six different types of advertisements, which are:

  • Standard YouTube ads (True View)
  • Blockable video ads (True View)
  • Free video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Display advertising
  • Overlay ads
  • Sponsored cards

Who is a YouTuber?

As we mentioned before, the power of finding YouTube is not new and currently this platform is the most powerful search engine in the world after Google and also the third site in the list of the most visited sites in the world. The platform claims to have more than 1.5 billion active users and has thousands of video content creators known as YouTubers or YouTube influencers.

As audiences increasingly abandon television and other traditional entertainment models and turn to social networking and social interaction through apps, online channels, and networks, YouTube has attracted millions of engaged users, now more than 100,000 daily. They watch more than 4 billion videos and spend more than 6 billion hours of their time watching videos on this platform every month.

The platform’s top YouTubers have both used this to their advantage and helped YouTube reach these numbers themselves, reaching large audiences by creating content that is both entertaining and authentic, while building strong relationships with They create, and attract YouTube.

What is YouTube Red?

In 2015, YouTube introduced a paid version called YouTube Red in addition to the free version, where users can pay $10 per month to subscribe and watch videos without any ads. In this version, users can save videos and watch them offline. Of course, this version is free for those who subscribe to the Google Play music service.

The difference between YouTube Premium YouTube Red and YouTube Music Premium

In 2015, YouTube introduced a paid version called YouTube Red (Red YouTube) next to its free version, in which users could pay $9.9 per month to become a member and watch videos without any ads. Also, in this version, users could save videos and watch them offline

Access to all original YouTube content was another feature of Red YouTube. At the end of 2018, YouTube rebranded and released a new version called YouTube Premium, which was a name change for YouTube Red. Apart from all the above, by using the YouTube premium service, you can have full access to YouTube music and you can listen to music without any ads, play your favorite music in the background, and download music for offline access. The cost of YouTube Premium service is $11.99 per month.

YouTube Music Premium: YouTube Music Premium

This service is for music lovers with a monthly fee of $9.99. Using this service, you can listen to your favorite music without any ads, play it in the background, or download it for offline use. This service can be upgraded to YouTube Premium.

Advertisements on YouTube

YouTube has become a place where unknown musicians and performers can try their luck at becoming famous. It is interesting to know that the Canadian superstar Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube for the first time, and YouTube provided the necessary platform for the Korean singer PSY to record the most viral video in the history of YouTube with the Gangnam Style video. The video has been viewed over 1 billion times and it is important to know that this amount of views can bring significant advertising revenue for the artist.

Since Google owns YouTube, they have made a lot of effort to make YouTube ads as simple as possible and have the same personalization features as Google AdWords. The options that are given to you in the field of advertising are many, but there are two main and big options that we want to take a look at.

Display ads on YouTube

YouTube display ads exist as a subset of the Google Display Network. Display ads allow your ads to appear next to related YouTube videos or as pop-ups within YouTube videos.

Standard banner ads: These ads are similar to Google’s regular display ads, which come in the form of standard banner ads and rich media ads. You can use subject categories and keywords where you want these banners to appear. Bright and colorful images that attract attention are best for these ads.

In-Video Ads: In-video ads appear as pop-ups within targeted videos selected by various queries. Destination URLs within in-video ads can redirect to locations outside of YouTube.

5 steps to attract views on YouTube

Marketing on YouTube is very similar to SEO. To get views, one of your main goals should be to rank in YouTube searches without putting more effort than your initial ads. You may use little black hat tactics, just like SEO to get more traffic, but this will never be a long-term solution. Instead, you should make videos that people want to watch. There are three steps to this.

  • Step 1: Get or entertain, pick one

Ask yourself why someone would watch a video. There are only two answers to this question. They either want to learn something to solve a problem, or they want to be entertained. You need to make sure your video can achieve at least one of these, if not both.

The reason this is so important to understand is that it can have a huge impact on how you shape your videos. Is a very long intro helping your viewers learn what they want? No, they don’t care about the music video, it’s not a TV show.

Does the viewer care about the detailed history of the problem? No again. They want the solution to be presented to them as accurately as possible. Your goal is to make sure your videos are as practical and useful as possible because that’s what can get you subscribers and long-term viewers.

  • Step 2: Quality is always the priority

Although YouTube is far from saturated, one aspect that impresses audiences is the quality of videos released by popular channels. They have quickly realized that viewers will not watch low-quality videos.

Compare this to blogging. The standard level of content in this field has reached an acceptable level only in the last few years, while many businesses still display ugly content that is not of much value. There are two types of quality videos you’ll come across that you’ll probably want to produce yourself. Let’s be clear about what we mean by quality, we’re talking about how good the video looks.

High-quality videos look professional; They have good lighting, aren’t blurry, and look like someone took time and effort to produce them. The first model is the classic white background. Derek Halpern usually uses this method in his videos. Not only does this look professional, but it draws the audience’s attention to you instead of a bunch of random stuff in the background.

Another popular video model is the whiteboard video, where narration takes place alongside drawings drawn on the whiteboard. These videos look great and are a fun way to explain complex products, but how do you make videos like these?

A video with a white background is very simple. The only cost is the small cost of buying very basic equipment from a photography supply store that will last you a long time. You can watch this video to learn how to set up videos with white backgrounds.

Once you’ve set up the screen, all you need is a good camera to start filming. Unfortunately, whiteboard videos are a bit more complicated. If you don’t have the skills to do the illustration yourself, you’ll have no choice but to hire someone with the skills to do it for you. You can easily find people who have the skills to do this job by posting an ad on freelancer service sites.

After shooting a quality video, you need to edit it as well. Good editing allows you to maintain the flow of the video from one segment to another to keep the audience’s attention. It should be noted that in this section too, if you do not have enough skills, you should hire a freelance editor.

  • Step 3: You must establish a name and official name for yourself

Having your own YouTube channel is very similar to having your TV show. You need subscribers who will continuously watch your videos. This is why one video, no matter how good, is not enough for YouTube marketing success. Compare this to the first episode of a TV show. Even if it scores well, it still doesn’t guarantee that it will be renewed for a second season. You must commit to continuously producing videos for your channel.

See Derek Halpern, who we mentioned earlier. He has almost 90 videos on his channel. He has created these videos over several years. This theme does a few great things. First of all, it gives him the chance to multiply his subscribers. Even if your first video doesn’t impress viewers enough to hit the subscribe button, maybe one of your other videos in the sidebar will.

Additionally, every time a subscriber sees a video, there is a high chance they will share it. This will result in more views whenever you release a new video. The number of views your video gets is not linear. It starts slow at first, but like a snowball, it grows exponentially over time.

If you’re going to do white hat marketing on YouTube, plan so that you can evaluate the results after at least a year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t achieve your desired results sooner.

  • Step 4: Publish the link of your videos on your other platforms

Publish the link of your videos on your other platforms such as your site, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can even make a short teaser of the YouTube video and show it on Instagram and ask people to go to YouTube for full access and see the details, or even leave a link to it as a comment under the related field on other sites.

  • Step 5: Continue publishing your videos

It is true that the necessary condition is the quality of the content, but know that YouTube, like its main owner, Google, loves to continuously produce content and shows channels that produce high-quality and continuous content better in the search results. It might be difficult for you at first, but a good solution is to serialize your videos, that is, instead of making one long video, divide it into three or four videos. Serial videos also help to build audience loyalty.

  • Sixth step: Have content coherence in the production of your videos.

Determine the main purpose of your channel and do not work outside of related topics. Before recording the video, write a script and act accordingly.


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