A chatbot is a bot capable of simulating a conversation with a user in natural language through messengers, websites, and mobile applications. Recently, new tools have been designed to make the interaction between humans and computers easier, of which chatbot is one of the best and has many uses. Chatbots use natural language processing to improve the system of answering questions. Therefore, a chatbot is a computer software based on artificial intelligence that can simulate human conversations. This robot interprets and processes the user’s requests and then responds to them quickly.

One of the main tasks of a chatbot is to analyze user requests. This is the first task of the chatbot. The chatbot analyzes the user’s request to find out his main purpose and also extracts business-related items. The ability to recognize users’ intent and extract relevant data is the first step of a chatbot. If you are not able to understand the user’s request correctly, you will not be able to provide the most correct answer.

Introducing famous chatbots

The number of brands and businesses that are already using chatbots is currently increasing. Facebook claims that there are currently more than 300,000 bots inside this messenger. Undoubtedly, a major part of the future tasks of digital marketing and customer support will be handled by chatbots, and this will mean the emergence of new opportunities for your business. If you have ever used an online chat service, you probably felt that the person you are chatting with is a robot. Their talks are not masterful, dry, and without tenderness, and there is no harmony in them. Like it or not, chatbots are here to stay. This tool has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its convenience high performance and the ability to use different languages. Today’s chatbots have become more reliable, more useful, and more effective, and we will probably see the emergence of more examples of them in the future. In the following, we will get to know some big companies that use chatbots:

Lyft Chatbot

The bot allows people to request a ride from Lyft via Facebook chat or Slack. The robot shows the location of the driver and an image of the license plate and model of the car.

Fandango Chatbot

Fandango’s Facebook Messenger bot helps people watch movie previews, find theaters, and learn about the week’s trends.

Mastercard Chatbot

This robot helps the customers in checking the account report, it makes it easier for them. For example, you can ask the robot: How much did my restaurant cost this month? In addition, people will be able to buy from some Mastercard partners such as FreshDirect, Subway, and Cheesecake Factory using this bot.

Spotify Chatbot

Facebook’s Spotify messenger bot can make it easier for people to search, listen and share music. This bot will provide a suggested playlist based on your interests through the data it gets from your searches and choices.

Staples chatbot

The purpose of this robot is to make all activities easier to provide better services to customers. The Staples bot can answer common customer questions, which are often related to orders, tracking them, and inquiring about their availability.

Rndorance Chatbot: A campaign for dementia patients

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago. I will explain to you how difficult it is to watch someone with dementia whose first effects appear in their interactions. Unfortunately, my mother is unable to have deep and conceptual conversations, but many people affected by this disease preserve their conversational abilities during the illness. But none of this diminishes the amount of shame these people experience, making it a routine and challenging daily conversation with close family members. These reasons have caused the technology of a Russian company to produce Chatbot E.

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease lose their short-term memory; Therefore, chatbots focus on identifying deviations in conversations that lead to problems. In addition, since the basis of the chatbot is to solve issues and problems, families and doctors can use the conversations recorded by the bot to identify memory declines and conversational barriers that can cause the harmful effects of this disease. to identify Fortunately, there is a robot of this tool that anyone can contribute to the development of its basic code. This project is still in its early stages but has tremendous potential to help scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals better understand how Alzheimer’s affects the brain. The Russian version of this robot is currently available and the English version will be launched this year.

Chatbot Casper: helper of insomniacs

If you suffer from insomnia like I do, then you know that the thought that other people in the world are spending the night in complete peace and sanity is more painful than the disease itself. It is painful. Casper has found a solution to this problem and it is his Insomnobot 3000, which is a special robot in this field.

The job of this robot is to find someone to talk to during insomnia for the insomniac so that he does not feel lonely and restless anymore. You imagine that you are talking to a special person at that moment, but it is the robot that has left you alone. You might be wondering how chatting with a bot can help you sleep better, but the truth is, it saves you from scrolling endless Twitter pages at 4 am.

Disney chatbot: solving crimes with fictional characters

Chatbot is one of the most common in terms of customer service, but none of these will stop Disney from using technology to interact with younger audiences, as it did not in the not-so-distant past and ultimately led to the creation of the Zootopia animation. It was a bot from inside the chat.

Disney invited fans of the movie to help Lt. Judy Hopps investigate the mysterious story as it happens in the movie. Users could share their tips and suggestions with Lt. Hopps through the chatbot, and the chatbot would respond to them. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most innovative uses of chatbot technology and probably one of the most used shortly.

Marvel Chatbot: Guardians of the Galaxy

In this particular case, Marvel’s speed of development is beyond imagination. Although the circle of the robot’s conversations is a bit limited and talking to it seems somewhat artificial and far from expected, all this is aimed at achieving higher sales in comic books and movie tickets, and of course, Marvel in this field has been remarkably successful and has achieved its goals. Despite being artificial, this issue is not without grace for the audience and will increase their experience very shortly.

Unicef Chatbot: An organization that helps underdeveloped communities be heard

Children’s rights advocate Unicef uses chatbots to help people living in underdeveloped communities talk about pressing needs in their communities. This bot, called U-Report, focuses on the huge data obtained by surveys. Keep in mind that this robot is not made for talkative people. This bot routinely and continuously sent prepared polls on the most pressing social problems. And users can also give their answers.

Unicef then used this feedback as the basis of its work. One of the clear examples in this field is the survey conducted by this organization in Liberia about teachers who sexually abuse students in exchange for better grades. In a survey of 13,000 Liberian students, 86% of them said that their teachers do such dirty deeds. The result of this survey was the formation of a joint working group between Unicef and the Ministry of Education of Liberia to solve this problem from the root.

Medwhat Chatbot: Helping doctors to diagnose diseases faster

One of my hobbies is searching health sites to increase my awareness and information about terrible diseases and dangerous science. If you are a person with my moral characteristics and line of thinking, then Medwhat can be very reasonable for you. To speed up and make medical diagnoses easier, this chatbot has made this matter clearer and easier for both doctors and patients, and the most interesting thing about it is that you can also talk to it. This chatbot is powered by a system that provides very precise and thorough answers to users’ questions according to the behavior it receives from interacting with them. With the increasing number of questions received from users, this robot also researches and develops its database daily. In many ways, Medwhat is now more like a user assistant (like Google) than a talking bot.

Roof Ai chatbot: automatic generation and referral of leads

If you have ever worked in the field of marketing, then you know how important it is to refer leads. Of course, not all leads are created equal, and referring to the right lead at the right time and place is undoubtedly more challenging than it sounds. Roof AI is a chatbot that helps marketers interact with their potential leads and identify and refer them through social networks. This robot identifies potential leads through Facebook and responds to them with a consistent tone and with a very friendly, loving, and helpful tone reminiscent of a real human.

Roof Ai tries to increase the information about the leads according to their data before any referral and conversion of the lead to the sales stage. One of the most important advantages of this robot is that it allows consultants and managers to answer user questions as quickly as possible. This possibility has a significant impact on the conversion rate. This tool also removes potential leads that are lost due to negligence on the part of the responsible person in responding. This tool is still under development.

The NBC bot: Helping media activists with news

These days, finding the right news headlines has become a difficult and difficult task to the point that NBC launched its bot on Facebook, even before the 2016 US presidential election. This robot allowed users to have a conversation with the robot through Facebook to find out about the hottest news topics that can be among the interests of many digital users. After the beginning of the first interactions, the robot provides classified and specific news according to the user’s preferences. As the desire of users to receive daily news is increasing, the popularity of this chatbot has also increased in recent years. This bot helps NBC understand which content is more popular with users and what is the most suitable platform to interact with them in the future.

Unilever: increasing awareness of the PG tea brand

Of course, people reading this from North America will not understand it, but without a doubt, the British will call and order after reading this, just as they will call and order after seeing the TV commercials. And they will have a complete understanding of the main topic. The purpose of this robot is to increase awareness of the PG tea brand and increase capital through its campaigns. This chatbot can respond accurately meticulously and quickly to users and can also send selected jokes to users daily.

Alice Chatbot: The bot that launches thousands of other bots.

No chatbot is complete without adding Alice, this chatbot is one of the first bots that was created almost 20 years ago. This robot was developed by Dr. Richard Wallace in the early years of the Internet. Even though this bot is based on very old codes, you should know that one of the best audience experiences that can be created is through the conversations of this bot.

Of course, no robot is perfect, but by combining postmodern and different responses, Alice creates great brand awareness in all areas. Today, all chatbots owe their nature to Dr. Wallace’s innovative efforts. Dr. Wallace’s efforts also inspired the company’s executive system in Spike Jonze’s 2013 science fiction film.

War Against the Machines: The Dark Side of Robots

Before, I made jokes about the general nature of the Terminator story, but with time, not only me, but everyone is more or less realizing the dark side of technology, and the chatbot is no exception to the rule of this technology.

Microsoft’s Tay & Zo Robot: Even Robots Can Be Racist

In 2016, Microsoft started a partnership with Twitter’s chatbot called Tay. The purpose of this work was to familiarize Tay with how different human conversations are by interacting with real people. But unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Tay to realize that Twitter was not the right platform for him. Well, some of Tay’s tweets were original, but some that were not communicated by people, did not contain suitable content for reposting, so Microsoft had to delete many of them.

Facebook dialogues

Facebook artificial intelligence researchers have conducted similar experiments on bots using the possibility of direct chatbot interaction with real people. After some time, the researchers realized that their robots started talking to each other in a special and unknown language, and at the same time, they answered all the users without human intervention and with their intelligence. The language of their conversation with each other was completely complicated and incomprehensible, and this was an expression of how such systems sometimes get out of control and exhibit unexpected behavior if they are given the chance to do so. be given work These robots also had a special negotiating ability and were able to use personal interests and feelings in negotiations in a way that significantly influenced the person. These robots benefited from the strategy of research and thinking.

The importance and benefits of using a chatbot

When deploying a chatbot in businesses and organizations, using its role of improving work efficiency, it will show a double increase in work performance. While simplifying the relationship between people and services, the chatbot also enhances the experience of the audience. By reducing customer service costs, this tool provides new and wonderful opportunities to improve the customer experience process and improve its performance. Meanwhile, the role of people is also very effective and productive; They have the role of adjusting, optimizing, and managing this widely used tool, and without them, this tool will not be able to do anything on its own.

Advantages of using chatbots in customer service

Customer service is one of the main business activities in which chatbots play a colorful role. Businesses can increase the main performance criteria while saving customer support costs by using the conversational capabilities of robots, which in turn increases the customer experience.

  • Website Support: The expectation of responsiveness in today’s customers has greatly increased. One of the business uses of chatbots is to interact quickly with customers.
  • Chatbot service desk: It can help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your team.
  • In-app support: Using a chatbot to answer users’ questions increases interaction with them. In addition, companies can send notifications through bots to keep their customers updated.

Advantages of using chatbots in sales

The most effective function of any business is lead generation. You can increase lead generation by using a chatbot. You can send leads directly to sales departments to do this.

The advantages of sales robots are:

  • Knowing the target audience: A chatbot allows you to identify the interests of visitors and customers and segment your target audience based on that.
  • Generating and driving leads: The chatbot converts your website visitors into potential customers through a pre-defined sales questionnaire. The leads will then be automatically routed to the next level of the sales funnel.
  • Reservation: The Chatbot can help to schedule appointments in offices or medical centers, as well as to reserve personal services.

Advantages of chatbots in marketing

Chatbots can share information about your brand, products, and services and bring increased sales to your business. Chatbots are currently becoming the tool that provides the most audience experience. brings. This tool also gives answers to each person individually and chats with people and also helps them with its artificial intelligence. This tool eliminates the need for manpower as much as possible and saves more money for businesses.

If we want to state the advantages of the chatbot in general, we must say that this tool increases the amount of sales, the automatic email system is more coherent, and it also creates unparalleled audience support; So B2B businesses can not only expect to increase sales but also improve customer experience and retain them for a long time. This tool also performs its other tasks well in lead generation and creates constructive interactions with users that gain their trust. Now let’s talk a little more about the benefits of chatbots.

1. Email Chatbot

Without a doubt, email automation creates a great opportunity for any business to generate leads, but chatbots do everything that email automation does with the same speed and quality.

Drew Chenelar from Simple Money Life says: Chatbot is the first feature of your brand to interact with customers. B2B brands use chatbots to help customers answer their questions and navigate multiple sections of the website. This efficiency helps B2B brands generate on-site leads and convert customers into loyal users.

2. A chatbot can monitor leads at any time

A chatbot can create a better audience experience and provide more valuable results right from the start. Organizations are now promoting their content, increasing their brand awareness, and developing their quality lead generation, all of which they fit into their sales funnel, all with the help of chatbots. Facebook and WhatsApp are two good examples of the simplicity and high level of interaction of chatbots in generating leads in real-time. For example, when you are on the Hobspot Facebook page, the chatbot messenger will help you by displaying the get started option, and when you click on this option, it will automatically send you a welcome message. It pops up and immediately gives you tips, tips like how to join their site or try out their free tools. For Hobspot, getting new subscribers is much easier than asking new leads to sign up manually.

3. Chatbots enhance the audience experience

Today’s customers are more prepared for frequent messages. Let’s look at this from a person’s perspective: a person typically spends more time chatting on a channel than with a person. The obtained research shows that 9 out of 10 customers prefer to enter into a conversation with the business itself. Smart businesses are usually well aware of finding a better way to grow their business, so they use online chatbots to interact with customers. The chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025. The new chatbots are programmed so delicately and realistically that the person does not feel like a robot at all during the conversation.

4. Chatbots increase ROI

The best part is when businesses see a tangible ROI on their chatbot. For example, Movistar, one of the largest companies in Spain and Latin America, has increased customer retention by 80% and reduced costs by 30% after using all these techniques. How can you see a successful return on investment?


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