You might think that user experience (UX) design is a new field that has only been recognized among digital product designers for a few years. While UX design has been around for more than a few decades (since the 90s), it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has increased in popularity in recent years.

During these years, many designers were introduced to the world of design and inspired young designers and those interested in UX design.

Since the field of UX design is constantly changing and updating, getting to know the greats of user experience design and following them can be useful for both beginners and enthusiasts.

In this article, 7 world-famous UX designers are introduced. Getting to know famous UX designers allows new and motivated designers to use their knowledge and experience to improve their skills and become professional UX designers.

7 famous UX designers in the world

1. Shaheer Malik

Shaheer Malik is from Pakistan and is recognized as an international user experience designer. He has a large following on LinkedIn. Shahir started his career as a content writer and later changed his career path to UX design.

According to many people in the UX designer community, one of the reasons for Shahir Malik’s success and popularity is the art of writing and designing user experiences at the same time.

Steve Krug

Steve Cragg is one of the world’s most prominent user experience (UX) designers, who is recognized as one of the great experts in the design world after studying electrical engineering and psychology. He has spent two decades working with large companies to build and design user-friendly websites. Cragg has a very strong portfolio.

Krag is also the author of a famous book called Don’t Make Me Think. Although this book was written over twenty years ago, it is still considered an essential guide for digital designers. This book examines the concept of usability and provides practical tips for creating a website or application that is easy for everyone to use. Steve Krag has used real-world examples in this book.

He is also the author of Responsive Design Principles and has collaborated with companies such as Google, Rdio, Apple, and Yahoo. He is also the CEO of a user experience design agency. His blog contains very useful tips for designers.

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is one of the most famous user experience designers in the world, who has been working in the field of user experience design for more than 25 years, and is one of the most famous mobile user interface designers. He is the author of three books in the field of website and mobile user experience design and has attended many training courses as a lecturer. One of his most famous books, titled “Mobile First”, is one of the most reliable sources of UX design education in the world.

Wroblewski graduated from the University of Illinois in 1998 with a degree in art history and graphic design. At that time, the field of user experience design was just emerging; Just when digital products such as mobile phones and software programs were finding their place among humans. Since people had no background in working with digital products before the advent of these technologies, there was a need for digital products to be designed so that they could be easily used by all people and create a pleasant experience for users.

In addition to designing mobile software, Woroblovsky is also a stylist in the field of website UX design. He was the vice president of design at Yahoo for eight years and then founded his own company (Input Factory), which focuses on design for small screens such as mobile.

Andy Budd

Andy Budd is another pioneer in user experience (UX) design. He has been working in this field for more than two decades and has worked with large companies and organizations as a consultant and UX specialist.

He has also written many articles and lectured on design strategies, UX processes, user experience principles, and UX testing and evaluation methods.

One of his famous works is the book “Designing User Experience: A Guide to HCI, UX and Interaction Design”, which is known as an authoritative guide in the field of UX design. Andy Budd is recognized as one of the leaders and inspirations in the field of UX design, whose efforts have helped to improve the user experience in the digital world.

Yael Levey

Yael Levey is a very famous UX designer. As a teenager, he was interested in psychology and graphic design. But finally, he decided to choose psychology. However, his interest in designing and improving the user experience led him to use his knowledge of psychology to improve human-computer interaction and eventually become known as a UX designer. He shares his work experiences and useful educational content on various platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and his website.

He has worked as a designer for BBC and Facebook.

Don Norman

Don Norman is a cognitive scientist who coined the term “user experience” for the first time. He believes that the product should work flawlessly and make the user’s life easier.

Norman has worked for several prestigious companies including HP, IDEO, and Apple. He has spoken at TED and written several books, “The Design of Everyday Things” being one of his most famous books. Norman has introduced methods for designing physical and digital products in this book, which emphasizes its simplicity.

Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton is a computer scientist and user experience designer. He is interested in designing products and services that focus on the relationship between humans and technology. Currently, he is working as the Head of Design at Microsoft Corporation.

Buxton also had a history of composing music before entering the field of design. He worked as a visiting artist at the University of Toronto and gained experience in this field. Then, deciding to continue his education again, he returned to university and studied computer science, eventually earning his Ph.D.

He has written many articles and books in UX-related fields and was named one of Hollywood’s leading innovators in 2001.

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