Instagram campaigns are the best strategy to achieve a specific goal for your business growth.

Instagram has 300 million daily active users and in recent years it has become the home of various brands so that they can expose their products to many people. It is good to have a content strategy for your Instagram, but sometimes we need to make our efforts more targeted to reach a specific goal. This is where the campaign makes sense. By running successful campaigns, you can grow your business even more. Stay with us to learn important tips about creating and running a campaign.

What is an Instagram campaign?

A campaign is a program that is defined in terms of time and during which every action taken revolves around a specific goal. Any content you produce during the campaign should focus on that specific goal, which we’re talking about is both measurable and specific.

Campaigns usually come into play when your content strategy becomes monotonous and boring and needs to be injected with fresh energy. For example, if your specific goal is to present a product, find new customers, or increase brand reputation, you can achieve it by creating a targeted campaign. Before that, we should know how many types of Instagram campaigns are there.

Types of Instagram campaigns

There are different types of Instagram campaigns, each of which is designed with a specific purpose and has its tactics. In this section, we explain the most popular types of campaigns to you so that you can get an idea and open your mind to start planning a campaign.

1- Brand awareness campaign

The purpose of awareness campaigns is to increase awareness of your brand, product, or service. This campaign is suitable for brands that have just entered the market and no one knows much about them yet. During this campaign, you need to show new contacts your competitive advantages and show why you exist in that particular industry.

Since Instagram is a platform where there is a close relationship between the audience and brands, 80% of users follow at least one brand page and 75% of them take an action related to it when they see a post from a brand (for example, enter the page). they become, follow, like comment, etc.), so Instagram is a very good environment for you to introduce your brand to the audience.

Social campaigns aim to attract customer trust and loyalty and show that the brand, other than just thinking about profit, has values that it adheres to and respects the rights of society.

3- Product advertising and sales campaigns

One of the most popular and widely used campaigns are advertising and sales campaigns, in which various tactics are used to persuade the customer to buy the product. For example, in these campaigns, the user is encouraged to interact with the brand (for example, leave a comment) and receive a discount code in the same way and be able to purchase the product, which increases the interaction rate of the Instagram page and the product. to sell

Sales campaigns can be implemented on different occasions. For example, campaigns that provide discount codes for customers on the occasion of Yalda night, and in general, any campaign that aims to increase sales is considered to be this type of campaign.

4- Instagram competition campaign

Instagram contests are a type of campaign that you may see examples of on many pages these days. These types of contests, if executed correctly, can have high engagement for Instagram pages. For example, in these contests, the owner of the page usually asks his followers to tag a friend in the comment so that they can enter the contest. There are many types of competitions where you can encourage the user with your creativity and reach your specific goal through these competitions.

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5- Product introduction campaign

If you have a new product and you want to launch it or unveil it, you should use these types of campaigns.

The type of campaign should create some kind of speculation along with excitement in the audience to encourage them to discover the new product and also create an opportunity for you to present the competitive advantage and features of your product.

6- UGC campaign (user-generated content)

In UGC (User Generated Content) campaigns, you encourage your followers and customers to post content such as photos or videos they have taken with your product with a special hashtag you have assigned to it. UGC campaigns not only increase your brand awareness but also provide you with pre-made content that you can use when you’re short on content. In addition, the user will be happy that you paid attention to him and posted his content.

8 ways to build and run a successful Instagram campaign

1- Using the 4T model

No campaign has ever been successful without setting a goal, and if you do it without a goal, you’re just wasting your time and budget. The first thing you should consider in your campaign strategy is the campaign goal. Here we have used the 4T model. In this model, we need to identify 4 T, which includes the following parts:


The first and most important thing that determines the foundation of our work is defining a specific goal. To know what we want to get at the end of this campaign. For example, if your goal is to direct the online audience to your physical store or an event, you need to act smartly. In these cases, using contests or hashtags may be the best answer.

We need to know what we want to get at the end of this campaign

Everything he does must be in line with your goal. What’s important is that most of your posts have a CTA, or call to action, to bring you closer to the campaign goal. For example, Adidas had placed a purchase link in the photo it posted to sell its product, which was so simple and short that it easily stayed in the customer’s mind.

Tactics (tactics and methods):

Once you determine the goal of the campaign, you must determine the methods to reach that goal and make a strategy for it. There are many ways to run campaigns, but you need to know which of these methods will give you the best answer according to your goal. If you want to do this through a contest, you’ll need to budget for giveaways. If you want to do this through influencer marketing, you must first find an influencer suitable for your industry.

You can do your contest in cooperation with other brands, which will both increase the scope of your target audience and manage your costs. In general, many methods should be used according to the purpose.

  • Timeline

Another feature that the campaign must have is to have a specific schedule. It is usually suggested to have a long-term strategy and divide it into smaller and short-term campaigns and specify the date and time frame of each campaign.

Campaign schedule

Campaigns must have a specific schedule.

Be sure to set an end date for the campaign, because only then can you analyze and evaluate the campaign and see if it was effective for you and reached your goal.

  • Total Spend

Naturally, no campaign has an unlimited budget. So, at the very beginning, you should determine how much of your budget you want to allocate to this particular campaign so that the rest of the affairs can be managed based on the same budget. For example, if you want to run a product sales campaign, it is better to predict the amount of sales through the campaign and plan the budget accordingly so that your expenses do not exceed your income. If you are not sure how much budget you want to spend, it is better to allocate a small amount of budget first, test the campaign, and then allocate a larger budget to it.

2- Plan the campaign content

After the general plan of the goal is determined, it is time to formulate our content strategy. In the sense that every post that we want to publish for the campaign should have what content. In this case, you must have a content calendar, which means you know what post you want to publish at any time of the campaign. If you work with an influencer, you should ask him to publish your post at the time you want.

Each post should contain separate and independent content while conveying the overall message of the campaign. Your content calendar should include an overview of the posts you want to publish during the campaign. In general, the content of the campaign is the foundation of your work, and do not postpone it to the last minute. Do not edit any posts during the campaign and have everything ready in advance so that you can make possible edits and have a better campaign.

3- Don’t limit your presence to Instagram

Yes, you got it right. Its name is an Instagram campaign. But there’s no reason to rely solely on Instagram during an Instagram campaign. A business usually has a website apart from Instagram and is probably a member of other social networks. So, during the Instagram campaign, you should try to introduce the other channels you have or publish your campaign in those channels as well, to attract more traffic to your Instagram and more people to join your campaign. In addition to this, advertising the campaign in other channels that you have will make your brand look consistent, regular, and purposeful.

  • Put a landing page

As we said, our campaign should be targeted. We have to guide the audience, for example, placing a landing page makes the customer not lost and finds his way, and on the other hand, you have guided him on this path to purchase. An example of this action is the IKEA brand, which in the caption of its post, guided its customer and told him to put a link in the bio section through which users can buy the desired product.

The most interesting thing that Ikea has done is to design the landing page exactly like its Instagram feed, so that the customer does not have to match the photo on the website with the Instagram photo, and in this case, they can easily find the product and make the purchase.

Put your Instagram feed on the website

Many of your customers may not be on Instagram and only buy from you through the website. So, let them benefit from this campaign by placing the Instagram feed on the website. This will make your Instagram engagement more than usual and diversify the appearance of the website even for a limited time. (There are many plugins like SnapWidget that you can use to publish your feed to your website)

4- Use the brand hashtag

Every Instagram campaign needs its hashtag. Of course, creating a hashtag is easy, but it is difficult to bring new traffic to your page through it. Here are some tips to make a better hashtag:

Make your hashtag short and simple

No one likes long hashtags, and it is very difficult to write a hashtag on a small mobile keyboard that is not clear, on the other hand, it increases the risk of spelling mistakes in the hashtag.

Experience has shown that short hashtags have better results, preferably try to keep the hashtag to 3 words or less. For example, the Calvin Klein brand used the #MyCalvins hashtag in one of its successful campaigns, which was easy to pronounce and stayed in the reader’s mind.

The hashtag must be remembered

The hashtag should be made so that it stays in the audience’s memory and they remember you with it. It should clearly show what its purpose is and its message should be so clear that the audience will remember you wherever they heard a combination of it elsewhere.

The hashtag must be unusual

One of the concerns that any brand may have is that their branded hashtag will be used for other purposes. The more general the words you use in the hashtag, the more likely you will see unrelated posts in your hashtag. So try to keep the hashtag specific.

Use other hashtags

Having a brand hashtag does not mean that you are obliged to use only your brand hashtag in campaign posts, besides, you can also use popular and relevant hashtags to make your posts more visible. In this case, new traffic may enter your campaign.

5- Cooperate with influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram is one of the most popular types of marketing, and by the way, many people are influenced by them. Also, when you run your campaign through influencers, you will reach more contacts. But cooperation with influencers also has its points:

Choose the right influencer

Some people think they can work with any influencer they want. But if you don’t choose the right influencer, you will probably waste your budget to a large extent.

In choosing the right influencer, remember three points: 1. Make sure the influencer works in your industry and has a relevant audience. 2. Make sure the followers are not fake and have a high engagement rate. 3. Make sure they can present your brand well to the audience, not all influencers are necessarily professionals.

Agree on campaign details with them

One thing that many businesses don’t consider when working with influencers is agreeing on the details. Many problems and arguments originate from here. Try to share the steps with him and if you want to give him freedom in parts, do so.

6- Hold a contest

If your contest has the right strategy, you can easily go viral on Instagram. (viral broadcast). But you have to set your strategy in such a way that it is not boring for the user. Especially since these days the user has become smart and does not participate in any competition. A good contest campaign should have the following features:

The prize is the most important part

The first and most important part of a successful contest campaign is defining an appropriate prize. This prize can be a product or a value that is provided to the audience. A prize like an iPhone or a car can be tempting, but if it is not related to your brand, it may be a failed strategy. Many times, the customer is not looking for expensive prizes, and the fact that you give him Maggi with your brand’s design will make him happy.

Use audience attraction methods

Many brands ask their contacts to like a photo, tag a friend, or follow a page to enter the contest. These are ways in which you can attract new audiences and increase overall brand awareness. But depending on your goal, getting an email address, posting a photo of your brand in the story, etc. can also be among these methods. But don’t forget that the more difficult you make the conditions to enter the competition, the fewer people will participate in the competition.

Announcement of winners

The final stage of a contest campaign is announcing the winners. There are various methods for this. Determining the winner can be through your choice, through voting, or luck. If your campaign is one where the user is forced to post a photo, you can choose the winner based on the photo that gets the most likes. If you choose the winner by your own will, explain to your followers what criteria you were looking for.

If you choose someone randomly from among the participants, many tools like will choose randomly for you. You can film the steps for your followers and show them your transparency.

7- Do an A/B test

A/B testing is one of the methods by which you can achieve the best performance and choose the best method. In this test, all the elements are kept constant, and one or two elements are changed, and whoever gets a better result, the campaign moves forward with the same version. You can make different versions of your posts, for example, change the photo, text, landing page, etc., and see which one is more popular and move your campaign accordingly.

8- Campaign evaluation

One of the most important steps during or at the end of the campaign is its evaluation. To evaluate, we must go back to the goal we had and explained at the beginning. What result did we want to get from the campaign? Did we reach the goals we had set? What criteria should we measure to find out whether the campaign worked properly or not? This is where goal computability becomes important.

For example, if your campaign is an awareness campaign, the criteria you should consider are audience growth rate, reach rate, and share rate. Depending on the type of goals you set, these criteria can be different. For example, to measure product sales criteria in sales campaigns, you need to look somewhere outside of Instagram to analyze and evaluate the campaign (for example, through website links). If we want to name the criteria, it may go beyond several pages, but what is important is that you can Calculate and evaluate the performance of your campaign by evaluating the correct and measurable metrics.

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