In this article, we offer you 100 effective words for the audience’s call to action.

The design of the advertising campaign, no matter how well it is executed, will not have a good result if it is executed without a CTA or the same call to action. You should be able to bring the customer closer to your goal with appropriate sentences and invitations to do what you want. Otherwise, either the customer will be confused or will pass by you completely indifferently.

In this article, we want to introduce you to 100 effective keywords to use for your customer’s call to action. But before that, we want to see what the call to action means. Designing advertising campaigns is one of the sub-branches of digital marketing, to learn about other branches of digital marketing article is your guide!

What is a call to action?

CTA stands for “Call To Action”. A call to action is a sentence that encourages the customer to do something and is a trigger for a response from the customer.

Call to action is often used in the form of respectful or request sentences. Of course, the call to action is not only limited to sales, the buttons on the website such as “download song”, “receive coupon”, “register for the seminar” and… are all call to action buttons. CTA sentences can be used in any part of your marketing, such as website, blog, email, etc.

In general, the purpose of call-to-action sentences is to create a sense of urgency in the audience. The faster you can motivate your user to do something, the faster you get closer to your main goal. In the digital marketing course, in addition to learning content writing for call-to-action banners, you will get to know other channels in this field and gain skills in them.

2 vital and effective factors in a call to action

1- Design

When you design your call-to-action button, make it large and visible enough to stand out from other elements on your page. At the same time, do not overdo it and follow the standard mode so as not to offend the audience. Highlight the CTA button with a different color than other texts and buttons to make it easier for the audience to find. You can even use a photo or icon on your CTA button to attract more attention.

2- Content

The content of the call to action is very important. Your call to action should be clear and transparent and convey its meaning to the audience in the shortest possible sentence. Follow the rule of “be brief and concise” in the content of the call to action. Before finalizing, change the order and length of the sentences several times to find the best possible situation. Meanwhile, your audience should know exactly what they are going to see after clicking your CTA button. So write your message accurately and unambiguously. Filling the space of the call to action button will only annoy the audience. So always consider a free space around the sentence you wrote and give the audience breathing space.

In the following, for your convenience, we will tell you 100 effective and tested keywords for the call to action, so that you can easily and without thinking to use this ready list in your advertising campaigns. So stay with us.

100 effective sentences for the call-to-action button of advertising campaigns

  1. Do it now
  2. Add to cart
  3. Take action today
  4. Make sure of…
  5. Book now
  6. Buy and save
  7. buy now
  8. Call today
  9. Visit us
  10. Find out now
  11. see now
  12. … choose yourself
  13. Click for…
  14. Click for more information
  15. click here
  16. View prices
  17. Compare prices
  18. contact us
  19. Contact us today
  20. View all products
  21. Don’t buy until…
  22. Don’t forget…
  23. Don’t miss…
  24. The wait is over
  25. Download now
  26. Find your desired product
  27. View more products
  28. View discounts
  29. What is your favorite product?
  30. Follow …
  31. Attractive discounts
  32. Receive a gift
  33. Click and get
  34. See more information here
  35. Buy the best
  36. View below market prices
  37. Get your gift today
  38. ..?
  39. hurry up
  40. discover
  41. Get a subscription
  42. join us
  43. join us
  44. Learn …
  45. … see that
  46. … need more?
  47. There is no harm in trying
  48. Now you can….
  49. Order now
  50. Order your product
  51. Payless
  52. Please view
  53. Please check…
  54. Buy
  55. Read user comments
  56. register
  57. … Apply yourself
  58. Search
  59. ask us
  60. buy soon
  61. ..percentage
  62. save money
  63. Spend less by buying more
  64. Save your money today
  65. Save up to… tomans
  66. Savings with a percentage discount
  67. Search…
  68. Search now
  69. Try our product
  70. Get your special coupon
  71. Get your coupon now
  72. Get the coupon by clicking this button
  73. View all our products
  74. See prices
  75. Send to friends
  76. shop from ….
  77. Buy at a lower price
  78. buy now
  79. online shopping
  80. online shopping
  81. Show price
  82. Sign me up now
  83. Register
  84. Start right now
  85. I will start today
  86. submit information
  87. Pull up the page
  88. Take a look at the prices
  89. View details
  90. Book a tour to…
  91. Try it today
  92. View all products
  93. View Features
  94. View the benefits…
  95. View our product
  96. Follow us on…
  97. spectacle …
  98. Try this one
  99. Consider this
  100. Feel free if you have any questions

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