Today, having a website is a necessity for any business, especially since the world is rapidly changing and moving towards virtualization. But how to get your site noticed by Google and be visible on the first page of the results is another issue that you may face with various problems. The visibility of your website is the first step to attracting the audience and then converting it into a customer and expanding the activity, but how should this be done? In this article, we will mention 15 strategies with the help of which you can attract the attention of Google (and other search engines) to your site and finally attract more traffic.

15 ways to increase site ranking in Google

  • Assign each keyword to a page
  • Don’t forget crawlers when designing pages!
  • Generating content without procedures is not effective!
  • Create backlinks for your website
  • Authentication by Google
  • Attractive headlines are the solution to getting clicks!
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • High rank is the highway to attract the audience!
  • Optimize your images
  • Google Ads, guaranteed presence on the first page
  • Get positive feedback!
  • Be active on social networks
  • be seen more
  • Do not neglect the local media
  • Use small opportunities to attract the audience

1_ Assign each keyword to a page

Google does not only pay attention to your content and pages, but it needs to know what phrase the user used to enter that page and how much time he spent reading it. The time parameter shows the interest and attention of the user to that content and, as a result, the relevance of the search term to your content.

Although writing the right ads with a high-quality score and related keywords will bring good traffic, it should be noted that the resulting traffic enters your site, and if your site does not have the proper structure, then the user will be very He will leave it soon. But what is the solution? Here a topic under the title of internal SEO appears.

First, make sure that each page of your website is designed for a specific topic, which means that by doing keyword research, you will find words that are highly searched and related to your site and put them in pages and metatags. The more specific and detailed the topic is, the more chances it will have to be displayed in higher ranks (using the niche marketing method).

2_ When designing the pages, don’t forget the crawlers!

Google crawlers are always inspecting and indexing pages. The structure of your pages must be standard and understandable for the pages to be indexed faster and displayed to the audience. For this, it is necessary to observe the following:

  • Adding keywords related to the topic under discussion in the title tag (Meta tag), URL, meta description (Meta description), and the Alt tag related to images
  • Adding internal links makes it easier for crawlers to move between pages.

3_ Create more pages on your website

Have you designed a blog section for your website? Each article is a unique opportunity to get noticed by Google and rank for more keywords.

Generating content without procedures is not effective! But trying to fill your articles section just to design multiple pages will not help you in any way. Google ranks articles that receive high traffic, and articles that provide useful information to the audience and meet their needs will receive more traffic.

4_ Make a backlink for your website

If you are looking to attract Google’s attention, attract users, and increase your site’s traffic, there are many channels where you can join and place your website link. The more your website is listed on different sites, the more it is noticed by the user and puts you ahead of your competitors. Here is a list of suitable sites for this work:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google my business
  • Forums and associations related to your field of activity
  • Other business introduction sites

For example, if you own fast food and register it in Google Business, whenever a user searches for fast food in your business area, Google will probably display your business website. In general, the more your website is placed on different sites and links are made, the more it will be noticed by Google.

5_ Authentication by Google

Google’s crawlers inspect and review all website pages, and usually, pages that have a proper structure are easier to index. If you want Google to index your pages with better quality and speed, authenticate your site using Google Business and Google Maps.

To do this, do the following steps:

  • Create a Google Business account
  • Find your business location on Google Maps
  • Request to register your business on the map

The final step consists of receiving the code sent to your email and entering it in the relevant section of your user panel. As soon as Google authenticates you, you can start optimizing your Google Business. The more complete your profile, the more views it will receive.

6_ Attractive headlines, the solution to getting clicks!

Adding keywords in your titles makes it easier for both users and search engines to identify the topic of your content. But your goal is not only to be seen, but you also need the user to click on your link. For this, it is necessary to write catchy and attractive headlines and titles, but you must make sure that when writing, your goal is not to sell products or services but to meet the needs of the user, and not to exaggerate anything about your content.

For example, if you work in the field of massage therapy and have a blog about the benefits of hot stone massage, pay attention to these headlines:

Neutral title: “Benefits of hot stone massage”: This title does not create any curiosity in the audience and does not compel them to see your content.

Exaggerated headline: “Why will hot stone massage change your life?” : By seeing this headline, the audience will soon doubt your sincerity, and in fact, you will not receive a positive reaction to the yellow headline.

Attractive headline: “6 reasons to try hot stone massage” or “6 reasons hot stone massage is good for your health”: these headlines briefly mention the benefits of this type of massage, for example, the first one for people who have not used this type of massage until now, and in the second case, the effect of this type of massage on the health of the audience is mentioned.

In this headline, unlike the exaggerated headline, by expressing the health part, it can be said that the author seeks to establish a relationship with the audience from the very beginning and does not intend to deceive him with yellow and false headlines and also involves his feelings. Always try to write your titles to be clear, attractive, and meet the needs of the user.

7_ Cooperate with influencers

In your industry, look for influencers who have attracted a large audience and engage with them well. Your cooperation with this group of people can be as follows:

Invite them to appear in one of your articles or vlogs. In this case, after publication, they can introduce this vlog in their social networks and link to your site.

Ask them to talk about your brand in one of their posts, this can be in the form of a product introduction post, offering a discount code (festival), or any collaboration between you and the influencer that will eventually lead to a link to your website.

Regardless of which solution you choose, make sure that you provide equal value to the influencer for what they are doing for you. Look for a win-win partnership where both parties benefit from the partnership and lead to audience acquisition for both parties.

8_Higher ranking of the highway to attract the audience!

Writing about your keywords and including them in your articles will help you get noticed by search engines, but if you want to attract more users, you need to have higher rankings.

The key to ranking high is quality, and there are no shortcuts to that. Google’s attention is drawn to the amount of time the user spends on the page before leaving your site. Also, whether the user saw only one page or browsed several pages while viewing your site is also of great importance.

To write a standard content, be sure to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Expand the topics and answer the most common questions of the public in detail and use your keywords among them
  • Use images, videos, and audio to keep the user on the page longer.
  • Try to provide a good user experience for your audience
  • Increase the speed of the site and optimize it for display on mobile
  • Get quality backlinks

Increasing quality will increase user satisfaction, which will attract the attention of search engines. Therefore, instead of focusing entirely on getting a ranking, increase the quality of your website to automatically see its ranking increase.

9_ Optimize your images

You may be surprised to know that in the last two years, the amount of use of Google Image among users has increased by 60% and this well-known feature of Google is used more than ever. Therefore, if your job is to sell products, you must pay attention to the quality of your images and optimize your images and optimize them for Google Images. For this, check the following technical steps:

  • Choose a suitable name for the file
  • Reduce the size of the image to reduce its loading time
  • Choose a complete and appropriate caption and description for it
  • Use Alt Tag
  • Add images to your sitemap

10_ Implementation of Google Ads campaign

Google Ads campaigns require an initial financial budget. By doing this, your presence on the first page will be confirmed, which will attract more users to your website. Although using Google AdWords is not free and you have to pay a fee to your user account to use it, do not forget that these campaigns have good conversion rates and are a guaranteed way to get your brand to the first page of results.

11_ Get positive feedback!

Most of the results that are displayed are based on the feedback and comments that users give about your services and products. Therefore, their quantity and quality are of great importance.

This is also true for Google. The more and more positive feedback you get, the more likely the user will click on your website. However, receiving negative feedback can also be an opportunity to interact with the audience. Responding to a disgruntled customer and trying to resolve their problem can show your professionalism. Getting feedback has a huge impact on local SEO. So you need to pay special attention to this.

To get more feedback, do the following:

  • Provide quality services to your current and potential customers. Value each contact, be transparent in your work, and work to quickly resolve any potential customer issues. Do all these things and you will surely get positive comments.
  • Ask satisfied customers to post their comments online. Most of the time, they will be happy to do so. If you have doubts about whether this will be successful, start with a few loyal customers first.
  • Respond to comments received, both positive and negative.
  • More comments will give you a higher ranking on Google and help your business get noticed.

12_ Be active on social networks

One of the easiest (and most cost-effective) ways to attract audience and traffic for your website is continuous activity on social networks.

You don’t have to talk about or promote your business every time you post. A good rule of thumb that can help you is this: about 20% of your posts should directly introduce your business. The rest should be in the field of useful tips and solutions to solve the problems of your field of work or other interesting content, for example, if you have fast food, you can present a series of posts on different fast food training to your customers, and in some others Introduce your restaurant. In this case, the audience will communicate better with you.

Continuous activity on social networks will help you stay in the audience’s mind. For example:

  • Ask your contacts to ask you the questions they have in your field of work
  • Answer their questions and introduce your business during it
  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Use popular hashtags
  • Connect with the people who asked you the question

13_Be seen more

Instead of just getting the attention of your followers, why don’t you think about being seen by the followers of your followers? By creating advertising campaigns and asking your contacts to share your posts, you will reach a new category of users. You can also consider a special gift or discount code to encourage them to do so.

14. Don’t neglect the local media

Many local media outlets can advertise your business in their magazines for free or for a reasonable fee. This solution allows you to access a more limited community. This method can be especially suitable for businesses that have local contacts.

By accessing local magazines and local radio stations and introducing your business and future projects, invite the audience to visit your website for more information. Placing ads in newspapers can also bring you direct traffic.

15_ Use small opportunities to attract the audience

Promote your website wherever you can. Include it in your emails, brochures, invoices, banner ads, videos, and receipts. The more views your website gets, the more people will visit your website.

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