A logo is the visual identity of a company simplified into a symbol. Considering that the recognition of brands can help their development, making logos is of great importance. It is true that logos are not the only part of branding, because there are many aspects in branding your organization, but designing a good and recognizable logo can help your audience’s awareness. In this article, we want to examine the best logos in the world and examine the characteristics of the most famous logos in the world.

Starbucks, one of the most special logos

The Starbucks logo, which is an image of a mermaid, is one of the most special logos in the world. Greek mythologists say that mermaids seduced sailors and caused their ships to sink, and this made the designers of the Starbucks logo, this Idea to attract coffee lovers. The Starbucks logo has changed and evolved, although the Starbucks name has been removed from this logo, it is one of the most popular coffees in the world.

McDonald’s, one of the best logos in the world

The two golden bows used in the design of the McDonald’s logo are for the arc-shaped architecture of the restaurant, and this has made McDonald’s one of the special logos. The smart use of two colors, gold and red, will well introduce the identity of this brand to the world. It also gives more effect to the golden bows so that they can show themselves between the special logos.

Apple logo

The Apple logo has always stood out and is recognized as one of the most distinctive logos in the world. Apple products have grown in popularity over the years and people can love or hate Apple products, but they can’t deny that they know the logo.

FedEx, one of the most famous logos in the world

This logo is usually used in textbooks and articles to describe simple yet effective logos. FedEx, which is an American cargo airline, is designed with two colors purple and orange. The purple color indicates the origin and the orange color indicates the speed. If you look at the FedEx logo, you will notice that there is an arrow between the letters E and x, which indicates that it is moving loads from origin to destination.

Mercedes logo, one of the most special logos in the world

Mercedes-Benz is the face of luxury cars. If you’re looking for something stylish yet comfortable, Mercedes is in that category. The triangular star in the Mercedes logo represents the brand’s dominance over land, air, and sea. The Mercedes-Benz logo was designed in 1903 and registered in 1923 and underwent many changes to reach its current form and has become famous among special logos.

Pepsi, the most famous logo in the world

The Pepsi brand, which is one of the most popular brands in the carbonated beverage industry, has changed its logo 11 times so far. The famous slogan of the Pepsi brand, engraved in silver on cans and bottles of Pepsi, is Live the moment.

Coca-Cola logo

Coca-Cola is the brand of brands. The Coca-Cola brand has been built over time and the years, only the font has been tweaked a bit, but the logo has remained the same.

Channel, the most special logo in the world

When someone thinks about fashion, the name of the Chanel brand will be familiar to him. The presence of two letters C represents the minimalist designs of Coco Chanel, which form the initials of the brand.

Mickey Mouse logo

Another of the best logos is the Mickey Mouse logo, which despite its round shape. It shows as a good character.


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