How can we open pixel images in Illustrator?

For this, you can select the place option from the file section menu. By clicking on this option, you have two options. If you left click once on your page, your image will be placed on the page regardless of the size of the artboard and with the original quality.

The second way is to hold the left click for a longer time and create a custom box. After releasing the mouse, your image will be placed in this box.

The thing you should pay attention to here is that your image will be placed as a linked file in your page document.

The difference between a normal image and a linked image is that in linked images, the original image is not placed in illustrator, so you must have your linked files next to the ai file. Otherwise, you will encounter a missing image error.

In many projects, high-quality and high-resolution images are used. By not inserting these images into the ai file, Illustrator tries to keep the size of your files as low as possible so that you don’t need high processing power to work with them. If you want the images to be in the ai file and independent of the external file, you must embed the image.

Embed images in Illustrator

To embed images, you can see all the images you have made in your document from windows>links.

To select all the images, it is enough to select the images one by one by pressing the shift button and then confirm it by selecting the embed images option from the middle of the menu.

Entire. Your images are now fully embedded.

You can also select images using the select tool button. The selected images are marked with a frame and two blue diagonal lines around them, and the rest only have a blue frame.

By embedding images in Illustrator, you will be able to save it as a file and send it to others.

The weight of the embed file

We know that embedding images makes our ai document heavy, and on the other hand, we create trouble for ourselves by not embedding it, and we must always be careful about the address and renaming of files. Isn’t there a better way to work with images? If you are using newer versions of illustrator, there is a much better way: make a package! To create a package, first have your images in unembedded mode (linked image) and then select the package option from the file menu.

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