The labor and specialized workforce that the market wants today and in the future is very, very different from 10 years ago, and the specialized workforce that it needs is not necessarily trained in the university.

Today’s job market requires engineers who can work with artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s job market wants data scientists. Today’s job market wants Python programmers. Today’s businesses need machine learning, which means they want machine learning experts.

So, if this is the case, which jobs in the field of machine learning are most in demand in the market? How is their income? Is there a job in the job market for machine learning? Or is machine learning ideal for those who are planning to migrate and want to make sure they find work wherever they go?

This article will give you the answers to the proposed questions. So, read it.

what kind of jobs and income can you have with machine learning?

Before I talk about the jobs and income of machine learning, we must first see how the world and big businesses look at this field and what future awaits the machine learning market in the world.

Humans have reached a point where they can build a machine or a program and then train it to do a specific task. Humans no longer need to do repetitive and time-consuming tasks by themselves. Now, interestingly, a trained machine may go beyond training and learn new things on its own.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of machine intelligence (artificial intelligence) every day. Of course, the applications of artificial intelligence are not limited to the fields of industry, business, and economy. Artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which is one of the main branches of AI, have found interesting applications in various fields, from banking and cyber security to environmental protection and medicine.

It is natural that as the applications of a technology or science increase, the job opportunities related to it also grow. Fortunately, statistics from global authorities also confirm this growth in jobs in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let me share with you the data mentioned in the 2020 report of The World Economic Forum to see how bright the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning is.

What do data and statistics paint for us about the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

  • 63% of the world’s business CEOs believe that in the future the impact of artificial intelligence will be greater than the Internet.
  • Artificial intelligence will make fundamental changes in human life and work.
  • AI will indeed destroy or destroy jobs, but it will create new and more jobs in the future.
  • The new jobs that artificial intelligence will create in the future will require new expertise and skills. The countries of the world must train and prepare their young workforce with new skills from today.
  • In addition to planning for the training of the future (youth) workforce, countries should have plans to train new skills and specialize their current workforce.
  • By 2030, 26%, that is, an amount of more than 15 trillion dollars of the gross domestic product of the countries of the world, will be obtained from artificial intelligence and the improvements it creates in various fields and industries.
  • Artificial intelligence will cause growth in the economy of China and the United States of America more than in other countries.

So, the world needs artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, and the career future of those experts is guaranteed.

The most demanding jobs in the field of machine learning in the world

Well, we understand that jobs in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a market. But, which jobs are more demanding and have better income? The first and most demanding job in the field of machine learning is data science.

After data science, the following are the highest-paying and most in-demand jobs in the field of machine learning, respectively:

1. Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is someone who uses artificial intelligence to create products that will interact with humans. So he makes commercial products. The basic salary of machine learning engineers in big companies like Apple, Meta, and Netflix is $150,000 per year. While the basic salary of a machine learning engineer in America is 130,000 dollars per year, in England it is 55,000 pounds and in Germany, it is 60,000 euros per year.

2. Data Science Consultant

As the name of this position suggests, he is the one who advises businesses in various industries to solve their problems with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Data science consultants usually work with companies that specialize in consulting businesses. The salary of a data science consultant in America is more than 113,000 dollars per year, in England, it is 50,000 pounds and in Germany, it is 69,000 euros per year.

3. Machine Learning Research Scientist

A machine learning research scientist is someone who works with universities, research institutes, and large companies like Google. Unlike the data specialist whose work is practical, the work of the machine learning researcher revolves around theory and theorizing. The annual salary of a machine learning researcher in the US is 119,000 dollars, in England, it is 51,000 pounds, and in Germany, it is 66,000 euros.

4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist

A natural language processor is someone who helps computers understand human language better. His goal is to make the interaction between man and machine more natural and comfortable. The annual salary of a natural language processing specialist in the United States is $112,000 and in England is 51,000 pounds.

5. Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

A human-centered machine learning designer is someone who designs information systems in such a way that they can interact deeply and meaningfully with humans and learn from them. The annual salary of this designer in America is 116 thousand dollars.

6. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

A business intelligence developer is someone responsible for extracting market trends for the business by analyzing business data. The annual salary of a business intelligence developer in the United States is 132,000 dollars, in England, it is 48,000 pounds, and in Germany, it is 62,000 euros.


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