Wireframe, blueprint or prototype, all mean the primitive design. It can be said that wire framing is one of the most important steps in web design and web development, application design or other items. In many large and complex designs, this method is used to ossify the project so that everything is clear from the beginning. With Wireframe, you can easily understand where each element is located, where the pages are, and what the ultimate goal of the design is.

What is the use of wireframe in web design?

As mentioned, one of the main uses of wireframing is in website design. Wireframe is the implementation of the basic layout of a web page in which the location of each element of the page is specified.

Since this is a basic design, everything will be in its simplest form and there is no visual design complexity in these elements. Because the purpose of the wireframe is not to be beautiful and elegant, and it is only supposed to provide a basic structure that can be seen with the naked eye and guide the path in the main development process.

Why do we use wireframe in site design?

There are many reasons for using wireframing in website design: From problem prevention to time management. Here are four main reasons to use Wireframe on your website:

1. It becomes a model of our work method

Provides a prototype that will be a beacon for designers to help them complete tasks accurately and implement the ultimate vision. In this way, the deviation from the main project path will be minimized and everything will be determined in advance. Even the flaws of the work!

2. Identifies problematic parts

When using wireframe, we can easily test the project to some extent before it is finalized. The result is that with the help of wireframes and initial testing, we can identify the problematic elements of our work and fix them before they cause a serious problem.

By identifying and removing these problem areas, we remove many barriers to our work and prevent delays in its completion. An important issue that brings us to the next point.

3. Fast and easy

Making a wireframe is not a difficult task. More importantly, time is not wasted and it can be provided quickly with the available facilities. Therefore, considering the previous reasons, using it is more logical and cost-effective than not using it.

4. A great way to convey ideas

With wire frames, ideas can be easily and effortlessly transferred to another person. Instead of long and complicated explanations and documents, everything is specified with a simple wireframe. In this way, we will have a tangible experience of the completed and final project.

Even if we have a document or want to explain it orally, having a wireframe will make everything easier. Also, due to its apparent simplicity, it is not distracting. Colors and graphic elements can distract the audience from the main theme and purpose of the project.

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