Some people mistakenly consider blockchain to be the only platform for transferring money and digital currencies and are unaware of its other uses. Blockchain, on the other hand, is one of the technologies available for decentralized web launching. Blockchain technology is the leading advanced option for exchanging information on peer-to-peer systems due to its time-saving capacity and transactional nature. The rules governing decentralized services are defined in an open source protocol. Users can use the software of their choice with different features to interact with these protocols.

Now the question may be, what will be the role of digital currencies in Web 3? Digital currencies actually become payment tools for users specially for the ones who do web design in Canada. Hence the currency code can be called Web 3 fuel. On the third generation Internet, there will be services that provide users with digital currency in exchange for storing information, and on the other hand, it will be possible to use those services in exchange for paying virtual currency.

Ethereum and Web 3

The Ethereum platform allows developers to launch decentralized applications. For example, MyEtherWallet is provided on the Ethereum network with a decentralized web hosting feature.

This open source wallet uses IPFS or file system between applications. IPFS is a peer-to-peer, decentralized file distribution system with no central server. This has led to no censorship of information sharing.

The most important thing that distinguishes this Ethereum wallet from other traditional wallets is that it allows its users to store their wallet wherever they want. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy and has some limitations, which will definitely be overcome in the future.

Web surfing on the web 3

Although there are many ways to surf the web on the third generation, here are two fairly common ones:

MetaMask is one of the best solutions for 3rd generation internet browsing. Metamsk is a very useful plugin for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This plugin allows the user to connect to their wallet and add new features to their browser.

Another way to browse the web in Web 3 is to use the Brave browser. This Browser is the latest project of Brendan Ike, founder of Mozilla and Firefox. By default, this browser has become one of the fastest browsers by blocking all ads and detectors. The Brave browser works with the digital currency token BAT, or Basic Attention Token.


The evolution of the Internet and web design has come a long way to date and will certainly continue to move in this ups and downs in the future. But despite the vast amount of information that is being added every moment, the third generation Web, or Web 3, will provide a much higher quality experience for users. Users will have more control over their information by taking control of the Internet instead of companies.

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