Having a successful website requires, above all, a smooth and user-friendly UX design. In other words, as long as your website does not look like the needs of users and does not feel like they belong, the chances of success will be very low.

In a respectful UX design, you should try to instill a sense of respect and acceptance in users, because people by nature need to be accepted in any community so that they do not feel embarrassed or upset. All human beings do not stay in places that do not feel good and leave quickly.

The users of a website are also composed of the same people who, if they do not feel respected on your site, their first reaction will be to leave the website page. In fact, your users need to be both accepted and respected. For this reason, in the following article, we will review a few important points regarding respectful UX design.

Value the user’s time!

People have limited time during the day and try to get the best out of this time. They are looking for the fastest way to answer their questions and issues. They do not have enough time to wait or search among the confused links of the websites. Therefore, it is very important to observe the following to have a smooth and clear website:

Web Design

Your web design should be such that all information is loaded for the user in the shortest possible time. Recent studies show that users wait only 3 seconds to load a site. So your website should be simple and fast enough to load in less than 3 seconds. Otherwise visitors will leave it and go to your competitors.


Another point is to display ads in an annoying way. Sometimes websites display ad windows all the time, regardless of how their users feel. However, the person has not yet viewed the entire site and is not well aware of its content. Such conditions will cause users to flee and leave the site.


When preparing membership forms, etc., pay attention to its simplicity. Users often do not have enough time to enter small details and will feel uncomfortable in the face of long forms.

Know the users and avoid hypotheses!

The science of marketing has been based on assumptions and judgments over the years, while most people get upset when they feel there is a preconceived notion about them. Whether these assumptions are correct or incorrect.

The use of concepts such as what it means to be a man or a woman, the ethics of a particular group of users, the characteristics of being a good parent, etc. have been very popular over the years, but experts believe that these methods will not only make a business successful, but also It has destructive effects.

Managing a website using multiple assumptions will result in the loss of many customers. So put this aside and try to get to know your real customers well and get to know their ethical characteristics.

Stop them from doing repetitive work!

Making mistakes is a part of human existence and every person makes mistakes or forgets many times during his life. This also happens many times when filling out website forms.

Designing a membership form, purchase, or any other form you need on your website should be based on a set of principles and rules. When creating a form, always keep in mind that your user may fill in a field incorrectly, or forget it, and go to the last step of registering information. Now that he/she has reached the final stage of registering his/her information, he/she should return And fill out the form again will be canceled. Because he does not want to go through this long stage again and maybe in the end he will come to the conclusion that buying this product or membership in this site is not worth it at all.

The form should be designed in such a way that in case of a mistake, the person does not need to complete the information from the beginning and only corrects the desired field. Refilling the entire form will make the user tired and annoyed and you may lose this customer forever. It’s a good idea to encourage your users to enter the information you need, but avoid forcing them to do repetitive tasks.

When asking users to modify the form, you need to be careful about the tone and the words you use. In this situation, you should use respectful expressions and avoid using sentences that make users feel uncomfortable. The person who enters your site should always feel respected and never feel stupid for their mistakes.

People react strongly to insults and if they have such an impression of your behavior, they will leave your website immediately. Therefore, it is better to make it clear that mistakes are only part of this process and often happen, behave in a way that makes them feel more respected and accepted.

Explain the work process to customers!

It is human nature to feel better when they belong to a place and to visit it constantly. If you want your website to get high traffic and conversion rate, give your customers a sense of belonging. Treat them in such a way that they know your website is their own and they know all the details. Because knowing the rules of a group is the first step to feeling accepted in it.

When you want users to perform a specific action on your website (for example, the registration process on the site), clearly state the steps. In this way, they will feel better about your site and will feel more relevant to it. For example, you can display the process to users in the form of images. Using motion graphics or short and compact animations is also an interesting idea.

Chat with users!

Sometimes users on the website get confused or have a question that they do not find the answer in the various links on the website. In this situation, providing the opportunity to talk to one of the website administrators can have a great impact on creating a sense of respect for users. Because this conversation will guide the user and raise his questions.

You can use various methods such as email communication, online chat, entering telephone contact information or company office address to make a face-to-face call.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the sense of respect and acceptance of individuals goes back to the recognition and even appreciation of humanity, but unfortunately in the digital world, perhaps less is addressed.

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