By observing these points in designing the main page of the website, bring your voice to the audience!

Following these tips will help a designer to shine in his field of work, even if he is not very experienced and skilled! Experienced designers know that attractive websites are not necessarily complicated and do not have extra and cumbersome foliage. Doing web design based on systematics and logic can make it attractive.

As you know, the main and most important page of the site is its home page. The reason for this is the encounter of website visitors with the main page in the first moments of their entry into the site. It is very important how the audience feels when entering the site. You need to know that the home page of your site conveys the voice of your business to the visitors. Therefore, it is necessary for designers to design this page in such a way that it has the necessary efficiency by observing the most important design points of the main page of the site.

The most important points in designing the home page of the website

To understand the importance of following the design tips of the main page of the site, pay attention to the following example:

Imagine that you have entered a shop or office and at the very beginning you have been greeted warmly by the customer service manager of this office. This person acts as a guide and accompanies you through the shop. If necessary, the person in charge will guide and introduce you to the person or product that will meet your needs. Undoubtedly, seeing these scenes, you will be satisfied to enter such a store and you will experience indescribable pleasure. Although the store may not have met your needs, but you certainly do not regret that you took the time to visit this store!

Getting visitors to your website is like taking customers to your office. If you do not want the customer to get tired and regret your presence at work, it is necessary to meet the most important design points of the site home page to greet him.

Note that when the audience visits your site, there is no live person to greet them. What can be an effective alternative here is to adhere to the site’s home page design standards.

An effective and useful design acts as a service manager who constantly guides and guides customers. Therefore, applying the home page design standards is very important.

Recognize the most important design points of the home page of the site

Paying attention to the website’s home page design standards allows you to put what content on the site and where and when to do it. The information in an attractive site is not randomly placed and is subject to a logical and orderly method. The front page of the site should be such that visitors are guided as intended by the website owners. This allows customers to experience and attract attractive surfing.

Helping to understand the simple activity of the website, clarifying the next step to use the business services of the website in a completely transparent way, attracting the visitors’ attention to the side that the website owners want, etc. Examples of the most important points of designing the site’s home page It is very important to observe them.

Content features located on the site home page

One of the most important points in designing the main page of the site is to pay attention to the content that is included in this page. No doubt you have also experienced the fact that when you enter a site, you decide to leave the website because you do not find what you are looking for for a few seconds.

Although bitter, it is true that most users expect to achieve what they want in a short time. So as soon as they see the main page of the site, they decide to stay on the site or leave it and go to another site. Undoubtedly, the design of the site’s home page will have a direct impact on the audience’s decision and will have a very significant impact on the fate of your business in the long run.

Content layout or content segmentation in the design of the main pages of the site is divided into the following two parts:

Header design

The header design is often used for the front pages of the newspaper, meaning content that can be displayed without scrolling.

The top of the site is a good place to put the main content of the site. The reason for this is that this part is seen by all users. Therefore, the content of this section should be written in such a way as to convince visitors to see the continuation of the site. The main title, partial title, call to action button, etc. are the most important subsets of this section.

Content and footer design

This category of content means content that you need to scroll down to see. The contents at the top of the home screen are the first display content by the screen. So it can be said that almost all visitors see it. But it is interesting to know that as it moves down the site, it loses a large number of its audience. Accordingly, it is said that the type of content located on the front page of the site is one of the most important points in designing the main page of the site.

Using images and videos to convey a message to visitors

Another important point of designing the main page of the site is the use of visual effects such as images and videos. The reason for this is the easy attraction of the audience to these cases. The use of photos and videos shows the whole business and creates a good feeling in the customer.

Note that the videos and photos in this section need to be related to the overall theme of the site, otherwise they should not be used. One of the most important points in designing a homepage is that website owners should keep in mind that keeping the website clean is better than filling it with useless topics and images.

Use your own logo

Using the logo in a delicate way is one of the most important points in designing the main page of the site, which causes the transfer of the field of activity and business of the desired site to the audience. Logo is the DNA of your business, do not ignore it!


Another important point in designing the home page of the site is to pay attention to the menu. The menu is a roadmap for site visitors and guides them to important pages.

Gain the trust of visitors

Attracting visitors’ trust is one of the most important points in designing the site’s home page. Customer certificates, professional certificates, personal profiles, etc. are examples that can be placed on the main page of the site to gain the trust of customers.

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