In this section, I intend to explain, write and implement an external link-building strategy and introduce you to the principles and rules of short-term and long-term planning of link-building (according to business). So I advise you to read this article carefully, because the implementation of link-building tips and tricks, which I will discuss in the next articles, is completely dependent on this article.

What does link-building strategy mean?

A link-building strategy is a program in which the process of building and increasing external links for your target site is expressed in a completely principled way.

The links that we use in the strategy are generally taken from the previous content of the site and link to your site and its various pages with specific words.

How to write a link-building strategy?

Writing a link-building strategy consists of several different parts, or to be more precise, it consists of answering several different questions, each of which will be discussed in detail below.

1) What is the purpose of link building?

What is our goal in having and setting up a site?

Possibly creating a new sales network that will help us earn money. This sentence also clearly defines our goal of link-building. Our goal of link building is to generally improve and improve the ranking of the site in search engines with specific keywords.

Some foreign SEO strategists recommend the amount and number of link building (apart from the quality of the received links) to improve the site’s ranking and create it either manually or for a fee (link purchase).

One of the points that are not addressed in this strategy; is the impact of the link and the time it takes for this link to be indexed.

So, in short, you should first consider the goal of link-building, which is usually the growth and improvement of the site’s ranking, and every step you take to write a link-building strategy should be the answer to one question: Is this ranking method Will it improve my site (in the long run)?

2) What links do we need?

After you can determine the goal of your strategy, you should look for links that will bring you closer to your goal.

Before doing this, you need to see what your target pages are. And how many external links these pages have received. For this, I recommend you to use and

Note 1: The Ahrefs website has recently launched its free system for personal site analysis. You can either visit this site and accept access to your site’s search console information for free, analyze all cases, and use the useful information that this site provides.

Tip 2: You can get 10 free searches (with one account) from the moz website.

Now suppose you have found your target page and the amount of links it has been given in the past. In the next step, you should analyze your competitors who are competing with you on the same pages and get the output from the number of links, the sites from which the link was taken, and their anchor texts.

With this information, you will know how many external links you will need in general (in a certain period) according to anchor texts and different domains.

Conclusion: Having a clear view of your site as well as your competitors and getting comprehensive information about their link-building will help you a lot to write a detailed link-building strategy.

Trick: One of the ways to find sites similar to your target page is to use the Google Chrome scrape extension.

After that, check the sites (in terms of subject relevance, domain validity, page validity, and low negative score) and if these aspects are favorable, proceed to link and establish a relationship with these sites.

3) Ad reporting is a strong strategy

In these few years, the use of ad reporting as one of the most powerful external link-building methods has been used by many SEO experts. These types of external links have a very good impact on your SEO site and apart from that, it brings visits to your site organically.

In general, the site you use to insert the ad report should have a significant thematic similarity with your site and have a good domain and page reputation.

In the following articles, I will talk to you about how to write a standard ad report so that you can make the most of the money you spend.

A few tips on link building

  • Do not exaggerate in link building and do not get a significant amount of links for your site in a short period.
  • Buying external links can cause problems for your site. (Unless it is disavowed by the search console.)
  • Try to get links from different domains.
  • In writing a link-building strategy, do not imitate others, especially your competitors, but analyze them so that you can write your strategy.
  • Use link-building techniques.

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