Less than 35% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO support, yet more than 90% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google. This makes SEO one of the most underutilized online marketing strategies, even though it offers significant returns.

If you’re thinking of making SEO support services a part of your company’s digital marketing plan, it’s a smart idea. SEO not only helps increase your online visibility in search results but also improves your website traffic.

Using SEO can even increase the number of sales because it allows you to connect with your target market. You and your team probably have questions about SEO support. What do you think is an SEO expert? or “Should I hire an SEO company?” You may even wonder how your business can rank in Google search results.

By using this SEO support service guide, you can get answers to any of these questions and more; So stay with us in the rest of the article.

SEO support

SEO site support services are a process that makes your site better for search engines. You (or your dedicated SEO strategist) make your website better for search engines through optimization, which can range from improving page speed to adding a new image to a page.

However, optimization goes beyond search engines. They also focus on creating a better user experience and providing something valuable to users based on their search. That’s why Google recommends optimizations that are designed to “enhance the user experience.”

SEO describes someone who specializes in search engine optimization. Companies looking to hire an SEO usually work with an SEO consultant or SEO agency. In some cases, larger businesses have an in-house team of SEOs.

However, not all SEO is the same. For example, some SEOs specialize in specific areas such as e-commerce SEO, local SEO, or even enterprise-level SEO. This is why companies looking to hire an SEO often focus on SEO agencies.

Because they offer a wide range of talents and solutions. If you are thinking about hiring an SEO, this is a great decision. While SEO support can improve your site’s ranking, traffic, and sales, an unethical SEO can cause permanent damage to your website, brand, and business. However, using SEO support and helpful guides like these can help your company choose a reliable SEO.

SEO support services

From consultants to agencies, SEOs offer services that cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Website inspection to evaluate its SEO
  • Collect valuable keywords for your content company
  • Research your industry, business, and competitors to develop an SEO strategy
  • Writing original, useful, and optimized content for users and search engines
  • Providing website design and web development recommendations to improve your site’s SEO

However, SEO support services vary, which is why it is helpful to check the SEO services of a consultant or agency before partnering with them. This way, before hiring SEO and starting your campaign, you know what SEO has to offer. Receiving site design services along with site optimization and SEO is done in the SEO collection!

Do you need an SEO expert?

While every company can benefit from SEO, not every business needs to hire an SEO expert. Depending on the size, budget, and resources of your organization, you may have the opportunity to manage your SEO strategy in-house.

A few questions that can help you decide if you need outside SEO support include:

  • Do we have the necessary expertise and knowledge to do SEO?
  • Do we have the necessary resources to manage the SEO strategy?
  • Do we have time to develop, launch, and manage our SEO?

If your team doesn’t have the tools to lead your strategy in-house, working with on-site SEO support can be a big help. Whether it’s because your company doesn’t have the time, resources, or background, your SEO can provide what you need to succeed.

However, in some cases, your business may not have the budget to hire an SEO specialist. On average, SMBs spend between $1,500 and $5,000 per month on SEO. If they work with an hourly consultant, rates range from $100 to $300 per hour. A larger business often costs more, depending on its strategy and industry.

This does not mean that your company needs to use cheap SEO services that are notorious for using unethical SEO methods. Instead, you can adopt some in-house methods to make SEO affordable for your business.

Some examples are:

  • Using free SEO tools, such as KeywordsFX for keyword research or SEO Checker for site audits
  • Use free SEO learning resource sites, such as Backlinko or WebFX Blog
  • Optimizing existing pages versus developing new pages
  • Integrating SEO support into your business can help improve your visibility in search results, which can generate support for company decision-makers as well as funding for professional SEO services. However, it is important to take the first step.

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