2022 was a year full of changes and developments for SEO. There have been many updates to Google’s algorithms. The updates that made SEO in 2023 different than ever.

Changing SEO techniques and methods is not a new issue for those who work in this field! It is the nature of SEO to always be changing, updating, and growing. The purpose of all these updates and changes to search engines and their algorithms is to be able to respond to the user’s needs in the best and most accurate way possible.

2023 is an important year for SEO. The methods that have become a trend this year may not have existed in previous years, or if they did exist, they were less important.

If you want to get to know the SEO trends of 2023 and be one of those up-to-date SEO experts who keep pace with the SEO trends of 2023 in the world, don’t miss this article.

SEO automation, the main focus of SEO in 2023

Although the presence of artificial intelligence in SEO has been prominent for several years, it still has a lot of room for improvement. In general, artificial intelligence has come to make some things easier for us. Some things in SEO require a lot of time to do manually. AI can do that in seconds. Let me give an example. One of the duties of an SEO specialist is to review and analyze data. He should be able to design the best strategy for SEO by extracting data and analyzing them. Extracting data and analyzing them is a task that is repeated regularly in the process of SEO. Imagine collecting data from various SEO tools and analyzing them routinely, especially if the website is large, and how time-consuming, exhausting, and boring it is.

Artificial intelligence in SEO and SEO automation is one of the trends of 2023, which is used in all aspects of SEO, including keyword research, technical SEO, link building, and even SEO content production.

Content production with artificial intelligence

Content creation tools with artificial intelligence are one of the most famous and attractive SEO and content creation trends in 2023. A clear example is ChatGPT, which you must have heard a lot in recent times.

The use of these tools should not at all create the impression that you will no longer need a content production expert and from now on you will leave the work of content production to artificial intelligence! This notion is wrong.

Google has announced that it can recognize content produced by artificial intelligence. This means the risk of site pages being penalized. However, as it is known, the use of content creation tools with artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. So what to do?

Content creation tools with artificial intelligence will not replace writers; rather, they speed up the content production process. As a result, if you are a fan of artificial intelligence-based tools for content creation, don’t forget that artificial intelligence-generated content must be edited by human hands to be published. In this case, the generated content will not be a problem for Google.

E-A-T, for site growth

The importance of E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in SEO is not new. Google introduced the concept of E-A-T in 2014 and the concept has gone through many updates since then.

In general, the purpose of E-A-T is to evaluate the content on websites from three aspects of validity, expertise, and reliability.

In the past, E-A-T was not a factor that directly affected the ranking of site pages on the search engine results page. But with time, its importance increased. So much so that it looks like another E has been added and it becomes E-E-A-T.

The second E means Experience. The meaning of experience is that the content published on the website must be completely related to the topic of the site. In other words, content related to the site’s field of activity assures the reader that this content was written by an experienced person in that subject or field. For example, if you have a website in the field of programming education, publishing articles related to the analysis of financial markets on the site does not seem interesting.

The backlink value is getting less and less

Link building in SEO has always been one of the most important factors of site SEO. But it seems that is not the case anymore! Of course, one should not expect that the importance and impact of link building in SEO will disappear overnight. But according to John Mueller:

The impact of backlinks in SEO will decrease and in the future, it will no longer be as important as it is today. So if in the past you focused mostly on link building, it is better to reduce its weight a little and focus more on producing quality content suitable for the user.

This sentence does not mean at all to abandon link building in the SEO of the site. Link building is still one of the principles of SEO. But we must have the view that in the future the role of link building will be weaker than today. However, Google’s stance against link building has been clear from the beginning. Link building with black hat and unnatural SEO methods will not result in anything but a drop in ranking and a negative impact on the site’s SEO.

Core Web Vital is still at a peak

Core Web Vital or Google’s vital core was introduced in 2020 and has been and will be one of the most important SEO factors until today. The goal of Core Web Vital is to review technical SEO and improve user experience. Core Web Vital is based on three principles:

  • LCP: The amount of time it takes to display the largest element on the screen.
  • FID: Duration between user action and page response.
  • CLS: Unexpected changes to page elements while loading.

Video SEO is more powerful than ever

Optimizing video content for search engines is one of the things that should be paid more attention to in 2023. The reason is clear. Video content is a powerful motivator to attract visitors to the site.

  • Video content conveys the message and information to the user faster. Studies show that visual methods are much more effective than reading a long text. Also, it is much easier to convey complex concepts in the form of video than text.
  • Using video on the site encourages users to spend more time on the site, thus increasing the chance of user interaction with the brand.
  • Usually, video content is shared more than text content, and as a result, more people have access to it.

This is why video content SEO has become one of the SEO trends in recent years, especially in 2023.

Displaying different results on the Google search page

Google displays different information on the results page depending on the search term of the user. For example, if you search for the name of a movie, it will display the information about that movie, including the year of production, actors’ names, other people’s opinions, and much other information, including knowledge graph, related searches, and People also asked.

It should be said that Google plans to continue this trend in 2023 and display different information depending on the user’s searched term.


Another trend of the Google search engine in 2023 is the Multisearch service. Google introduced the Multisearch service in 2022. In multiple searches, the user can use several search methods at the same time. For example, suppose you have a plant that you don’t know how to care for or even its name. With the help of Google’s multiple search service, you can obtain information about how to maintain this plant by searching images and text at the same time. This service can be used for various search methods, including text search, image search, and voice search.

Zero Clicks, the new competitor

You must have come across this case when you search for a term in Google and what you are looking for is displayed on the search results page and you reach what you want without having to click on a link. Zero-click search is another Google change in 2022. Zero-click searches are searches that do not lead to clicks. Because Google answers the user’s question on the results page and the user no longer needs to click on a link.

For many, this may not be very pleasant. Because displaying the answer to the user’s need on the search results page reduces the click rate. But there is nothing to worry about. Zero-click searches are usually for terms that have informational content. It means that the user has a question or wants to get specific information about a topic.

Usually, the phrases that are searched to obtain information do not lead to a purchase, and even if the user clicks on a page, he does not enter the purchase path at all. As a result, it is better to continue to focus on the search terms that will ultimately lead to a user purchase.

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