Why do we like not to encounter blocks of consecutive writing when reading content? Why do we want to see some images or even videos between these lines? If you are careful, this issue is usually observed in comic or fiction books. But what is the reason?

Apart from giving a rest to the reader’s mind (especially if the content is long), it helps him to get a better understanding of the text of the content and to read more easily. This applies exactly to blogging and you should try to improve the readability of your content with related or even unrelated images.

The readability of the subject has a significant impact on the SEO of your site indirectly. The search engine also understands it! Apart from this, the images of your content will also be displayed independently in the Google image search section. Therefore, it can also bring you organic revenue this way.

Next, in this article, I am going to review the image tag or alt image as one of the most important things in SEO and site optimization and introduce you to its most important points.

Alt tags of images

The alt tag on the website indicates the topic that an image is about. In SEO language, an alt image is also called alternative text. Which is a more correct term? But why? The alt tag is a piece of HTML code that describes the appearance and function of the image on the site page for the user and the search engine.

In simple words; when a user is looking for a specific image in Google, the image alt tag can help the search engine to display the best result.

Application of Alt images

Image alt text has several different benefits for your website. For example, think that you have a store site. What happens if the customer enters the site and the image of the product he wants does not open for any reason? He closes the page and leaves. The most important use of the alt tag is that when an image is not loaded on the site, this piece of text is displayed to the user as an image replacement. That makes things a little less bad!

Also, although the search engine can now significantly examine the image and understand its elements, the text instead of the image makes the search engines perform better in the crawling process. So it has a positive effect on your site’s SEO.

Reasons for the importance of text instead of image

As mentioned, the main reason for using the image tag or alt image is to describe the images for visitors who are not able to view these images. This issue includes users whose site images are blocked or who have disabled access themselves. Also, these alternative texts are used for users who have low vision or generally cannot have good visual recognition.

In general, alternative texts ensure that all users can fully use the content of your site.

On the other hand, understanding the impact of the alt tag in SEO can significantly improve the optimization of your site. Using alt text for images can create a good user experience. Apart from that, SEO affects your site directly and indirectly.

Search engines, including Google, have made great progress over the past years. However, search engine crawlers cannot see images the way we can. As a result, it is not wise to leave the interpretation and review of this issue to them in general, in a situation where they may not be able to understand well the content inside the photo and the extent of its connection with the content.

Pay attention! This may not happen. But due to the caution and also the benefits that we have mentioned separately in this section, it is better to take seriously the use of the alt tag as well as its optimization, which we will discuss further.

How to write a good alt image?

1) Your alt image should be specific

As mentioned, the alt text should be a special descriptive text for people who cannot access the images on your site. Now, if the image you want is not special and unique enough, instead of HTML, the image should be placed in CSS.

Note: Images used for better design and readability of the content should be placed in the CSS code, not in the HTML code. However, if this change is not possible, you can leave the Alt tag empty so that browsers and search engines ignore them.

2) Alt image should be short

Your alt text should not exceed 125 characters. Now you have to do your best so that while being concise, the user and the search engine can understand the nature of the image well.

3) Using key phrases

An important use of the alt tag is that it allows you to use the keywords you want. By doing this, you let the search engine know that your content and images are well-matched to your target keyword and have the necessary conditions to get better rankings.

4) Avoiding excessive use of keywords

Although you have the opportunity to use your keywords in the alt text of the images; you should pay attention to the fact that you should not overfill the alt text with your desired keywords, and in some way commit keyword stuffing.

Note: You can add additional descriptions to your alt tag text by using the “= longdesc: tag. By adding this tag, you will no longer have a problem with your alt text being too long.

How to put an alt image in WordPress?

To upload the image as well as its alternative text in WordPress, it is enough to complete your content from the posts section and select your image using the option to add a multimedia file. Then, insert your sub-keyword related to the content of the photo in the “Image replacement text” box.


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