If you’re looking for a template for your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about meme marketing.

This term was first coined by Richard Dawkins (British biologist) in 1976. He argued that the idea could spread and become embedded in popular culture, just as genes can reproduce.

What is meme marketing?

You must have seen posts in the form of humor in the space of social networks, where the producer of these types of posts adds his desired dialogue on the image of a famous person, a piece of a movie, or a gif so that the content is imbued with elements of humor. These posts are called memes.

Since we are all very busy during the day, watching these types of posts in the virtual space acts as a valve to get away from the daily routine and free our minds.

Therefore, this type of content always attracts many fans and causes a reaction in the audience. The use of meme marketing is almost common in most social networks and businesses.

It is interesting to know that meme content is also a subset of marketing. Because the audience’s reaction to this type of posts is more and this type of content has more potential to go viral and introduce your brand. So you can use meme marketing as a tool for your visibility and indirect advertising.

John is the message of meme content, jokes, and humor in the form of sarcasm, irony, etc.

The correct use of this technique causes word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. In addition, since internet users tend to satisfy their needs in the shortest possible time due to their lack of time and patience, memes are one of those types of content that convey the message to the reader very quickly.


You should be careful in producing this type of content because if you do not observe the balance limit in producing this type of content, you will convey a sense of unpleasantness and superficiality to the audience. In addition, you should note that the content you produce should not target a specific class, a specific industry, or a culture, because in this case you will face negative reactions from the audience and this will affect the image of your brand.

Important tips for making memes

  • Every word has a place and every point has a place!
  • Do not use any image or video that may provoke anger and negative reactions from the audience.
  • When an image or video is circulating, it’s surfing time. So try not to miss this golden time because if you publish this type of content later, it will look annoying, repetitive, and duplicated to users.
  • Try to create memes that are relevant to your business.
  • One of the disadvantages of meme marketing is that they quickly go viral and are quickly forgotten. So try not to use old memes even if they are very attractive.

How to make a meme?

Personalize memes

Since memes should preserve the core value of your brand, try to personalize your memes to provide content that suits your target audience.

Be relevant

Try to choose memes that are a popular joke among the majority of your audience, and if your target audience can’t relate to your joke, they won’t engage with your content.

Consider the audience persona

When creating meme content, try to consider the persona of your audience, such as age, interests, and field of work. Plus, when you know what your target audience is like, you can choose better memes.


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