Surely, seeing the title of this article, you wondered what celebrity has to do with marketing and you were curious to know what celebrity marketing means.

These days, marketing has entered our lives through any channel, of course, marketing has existed in our lives for many years, but thanks to social networks, today we see an attractive and enticing appearance of it.

What is celebrity marketing?

Celebrity marketing is also known as marketing using famous people, branding, and advertising using famous people. However, brands use celebrity endorsements for a variety of reasons. This type of marketing can help increase sales in the short term and brand awareness in the long term.

Advantages of using celebrities for advertising

Getting the help of celebrities to represent a major change for brands (such as rebranding), introduce a new product, or expand the market has a huge impact on the minds of the audience. A famous example of this is the Nike brand, when they decided to expand their market, they partnered with NBA star Michael Jordan to create a product line and release a series of advertisements.

Or, for example, wearing Nike shoes by a famous person like Cristiano Ronaldo can be a powerful strategy to stand out from the competition. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous influencer with 469 million followers who shows his lifestyle by just wearing a pair of Nike shoes, which will have an impact on the minds of the audience.

But advertising with famous people also entails risks: for example, some celebrities advertise several brands at the same time, which can damage your brand’s reputation and reputation in the eyes of consumers. In addition, you should pay attention to the popularity of the celebrity you choose, whether they remember this person well or not.

The character you choose may be an actor, musician, athlete, politician, or even a cartoon character. This character should be familiar to your target audience. When a celebrity endorses a product, people trust that celebrity’s credibility and the quality of the product.

Choosing a celebrity for a celebrity marketing campaign

To choose a celebrity for your campaign, you should consider several factors:

  • The credibility and popularity of the celebrity among the audience
  • The extent of celebrity influence
  • The connection between the celebrity and the product (is the advertisement of the product by this celebrity attractive to the audience?) If your brand and product are not aligned with the activity of the celebrity, it will have less impact on the minds of the audience.
  • The desired celebrity has not introduced any product or service

Also, sometimes, since the celebrity trusts the quality of goods and services and personally uses them, it gradually remains in the minds of the audience, and over time, people remember the desired brand with this person.


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