In late 2010, there were many tools for analyzing customer behavior and KPIs. Just when I was working as a conversion rate expert in one of the business and marketing consulting companies, these tools were releasing various updates and my work became easier and more accurate every year than the previous years.

It was during those years that I started building several different startups, which unfortunately all of them failed, of course, if you can call it a startup! It was more like an MVP. But where was the problem? I do not know. Maybe I wasn’t thinking big enough.

This made me study more, participate more in different meetings and learn more and more. It was during one of Guy Kawasaki’s lecture sessions that an idea came to my mind. The only unfair advantage I had in my field of expertise was that I knew the four corners of my work very well and I knew all the tools very well.

On the other hand, I knew very wonderful people who could help me implement my idea. This was the beginning of hotjar. A software that based on user experience in using your site and providing valuable reports, will pave your way to explain strategy in the field of website design, user interface design and marketing.

What you read was a part of the memoirs of Dr. David Darmanin, the founder of the Hotjar Company and software.

However, many website analysis software reports great numbers and graphs of the site’s input and output for you. But do you know the behavior of users when they walk alone on the site? Do you know why some users stay on your page for 5 minutes and don’t click the buy button at the end? What is the reason? Nobody knows! But Hotjar can inform you about what is happening behind the scenes of the website.

Hotjar; the most powerful tool for understanding customer behavior

As one of the most powerful tools for analyzing customer behavior, Hotjar provides you with a very accurate and valuable report of user behavior with the help of powerful features such as heat maps and video recording from the moment the user enters the website until he leaves the website.

Note 1: Hotger should be used as a complementary tool alongside Google Analytics.

Tip 2: The information recorded by Hotjar is useful for site designers, UI/UX designers and digital marketing experts.

Special features of Hotjar

Providing information in the form of images and videos

Determining when the user jumps and when he leaves a certain page

Easy installation and compatibility with WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal, etc.

Easy to use and also the right price for premium accounts that have more features.

Hatjar facilities

As mentioned hotjar offers you wonderful features, in this section I am going to carefully examine each of these items and provide you with more information from each of these sections:

Providing a heat map

A heat map (like what we have seen in football matches and usually La Liga) shows the behavioral focus and also the environments where the user is most placed. In this heat map: the user’s behavior, including mouse movement, number of clicks, how to browse, stops, etc., will be completely displayed for you in the form of an image.

But what advantage does this information have for us?

The great advantage of being aware of user behavior will be your better understanding of the correct placement of CTA buttons, page design, understanding the reason for exiting and so-called user fail points, understanding users’ interest in various elements, etc., and your design, sales and support process.

Conversion funnels

As discussed in the introduction, the founder of Hotjer was a conversion rate expert and therefore had a very good understanding of marketing funnels and their importance in formulating a strategy. Although we should not expect detailed and specific information from Hotjar like Google Analytics, Hotjar provides a general picture of how the user enters and exits your conversion funnel, points of failure, as well as motivating factors on the way to purchase, or so to speak, accurately. The action will specify the user for you.

Analysis of forms and surveys

Another interesting feature of this tool is to provide a report of the forms that you have placed on the site, of course, this time Hotjer does not accompany you in a specialized way and with a detailed and detailed analysis of the data, but only provides you with a general picture. Will do Therefore, you will definitely need a forms analysis tool such as hubspot, oribi or formisimo to check the information of the forms.

Hotger also allows you to monitor and analyze polls well; What I mean by survey is that, for example, if a user does not buy and moves his mouse towards the element, he returns to the previous page and before he leaves, you ask him the reason by designing a smart and attractive test, and from these feedbacks for Improve your user experience.

Video recording of user behavior

But the best and most prominent feature of Hotjar is the recording of the user’s behavior from the moment he enters your website until the moment he leaves it. This wonderful section supports all devices, both desktop and mobile, and in addition to the above, it also introduces you the type of device, browser, etc.

Viewing and analyzing the recorded video of users will give you a comprehensive view of how the user interacts, and you will be able to identify and fix the problems that you may have in the work experience department, and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Setting up Hotjar in plain language

Click on the website (it will open in a new window).

Go create an account. (Using email)

Enter the sites and organization section and add your website to Hotjar.

By registering your domain and clicking on the tracking code, you will receive a code that you must copy and upload to the <head> of your website.

Now go back to your dashboard and confirm your installation process.

Done! So easily

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